Another new market coming to Woolwich

Greenwich Council have announced a new market for Woolwich. Well, a sorta expanded existing market really.

It will offer a range of goods at Beresford Square and compliments the recently opened Street Feast at the covered market nearby which seems to have got off to a flying start.

Beresford Square market has struggled for years. Millions were spent on improving the area but upkeep has been poor and parts are not particularly appealing.

The bollard guy was in top form

Hopes the space would become bustling have not been realised. This was drawn up when millions were spent in recent years. Maintenance has not been great since.

The “new” market will operate from 9am to 5.30pm or 6pm on:

  • Monday 12 to Saturday 17 March
  • Monday 25 to Saturday 30 June.

Stalls will offer:

  • German sausages
  • French cheeses
  • Chinese noodles
  • Caribbean food
  • Greek food
  • Italian textiles
  • Ecuadorian crafts
  • Jewellery

The aim is to encourage more people to boost the existing market in Beresford Square.

The former farmers market at the Arsenal site had to leave their former site as Berkeley gear up to build a controversial block on listed buildings which will reduce light levels for many existing residents.

Unlike most of the site, that block was never included in area masterplans.

The operators of the farmers market hoped to move to a spot outside the Heritage Centre but Greenwich Council want them to move to Beresford Square. Will they be a part of this new market? Even if they are, it only operates for a limited time so what happens on other weekends?

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5 thoughts on “Another new market coming to Woolwich

  • That picture, al fresco café culture in Beresford Square just outside the Coral betting shop, hmm…

  • Would be better to have it regularly during all weekends than weekdays – most people who would be interested in this cultural experience come back to Woolwich around 6-7pm. But anyway, good something is happening . Different subject but got news that 27storey building project in the front of Tesco has been refused. Not sure if refused totally, or just the 27storey one.

  • The farmers market has it spot on, they come twice a month on a Saturday and do a good a well, the traders keep coming back and it’s such a nice vibe and was going from strength to strength.

    A weekday market would never work, it all just sounds like greenwich council trying to interfere with something good and spinning it for their own gain – sound familiar!?

    Hopefully RARE will tell them where to go.

  • I have just come back from the market. It seems like a half hearted waste of time and doomed on weekdays. It could possibly be more successful on weekends and week day evenings. Half the things mentioned above were not in evidence and even if they were, I don’t see your average Woolwichownian partaking of French cheeses and German sausage when there is McDonalds and Greggs in the High St.

    Another example of the Council ‘not getting it’.

  • Once the regeneration schemes near completion people may feel like coming back to Woolwich in the evenings. At the moment Woolwich is largely a no go area at night. I am hoping some of the new developments like the Spay Street redevelopment scheme which will be located close to the new market may help to achieve this. The the new market may then the success it deserves to be.


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