Plumstead Corner closed due to accident

A collision near Plumstead Corner in the last hour has seen the road closed eastbound.

TfL state a number of buses are on diversion after the incident at the junction of Plumstead High Street and Church Manor Way:

A bus was involved according to witnesses.

More soon.


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2 thoughts on “Plumstead Corner closed due to accident

  • I don’t don’t if this accident was the bus driver’s fault, but as bad as some car drivers are, bus drivers seem to be getting just as bad!
    The last few times i’ve got on a bus, the driver often speeds (im sure they were over the limit) and brakes very late!
    We need a lot more traffic police to visit hotspots, as some of the driving i’ve seem is dangerous especially in built up areas!

  • Absolutely are not wrong.

    I have also seen so many cars of late being driven straight through red lights at traffic lights and pelican crossings in built up and residential areas,

    I do wonder if these drivers are on something (Drugs/alcohol) or in stolen vehicles .Otherwise why would they drive with out the due care and attention of other road users and pedestrians which alo includes the elderly and children,

    They think the rules of the road do not apply to them. But they do !!


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