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Teen stabbed near Plumstead station

Plumstead station

There are reports that a teenager has been stabbed in Plumstead this afternoon.

Emergency services have been seen on Walmer Terrace. According to the Amulance service a 14-year-old boy was found with a stab injury.

His condition has been assessed as non life-threatening.

More soon. Any witnesses can contact police on 101.


  1. S60 in place for all of Greenwich borough which seems a tad over the top….

  2. Graham

    No it is not really over the top. Serious incidents like this are happenig far to often and on a daily basis S60 should be permanent and cover the whole of Greater London. Suspects do move around and normally have accomplices in cars or on mopeds.

    Everything possible must be done to keep our streets safe for everyone. Section 60’s are a major part of this.

    • Trickledown Clown

      A far right leaning Brexit voter. Let me guess, your over 40, no degree, unskilled, petrified by global markets? A p45 should be your main concern not s60.

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