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New Cross

New Cross Sainsbury’s tower plan submitted

Sainsbury's withdrawn plans at New Cross

Plans are in for up to 1,161 new homes beside New Cross Gate station in a contentious development including towers and a tussle with TfL over the Bakerloo Line extension.

Site overview – store to top of site would be moved

The plan sees existing shops demolished and moved towards New Cross Road with housing behind. The current Sainsbury’s supermarket would be knocked down alongside Dreams, Harvey’s Furniture and TK Maxx.

New Cross Road frontage

This is a hybrid application which consists of detailed plans for areas nearest New Cross Road and outline plans covering the rest. Detailed plans are for 430 homes in buildings between 5 and 25 storeys.

TfL argument

The proposed store is on a site that TfL hope to construct a Bakerloo Line station for when/if the extension ever proceeds. Even if it does – and it’s been on the drawing board for 70+ years now – it will be a decade away at best. Sainsbury’s are using slow progress to justify building on site and argue that the site is not yet subject to a Transport and Works Act Order.

Bakerloo extension future station sites

Even if this site doesn’t proceed, a large number of other high density developments along Old Kent Road will complete over coming years, long before the Bakerloo arrives.


Mount Anvil are working on the project alongside Sainsbury’s. The towers have raised much local debate, and Lewisham Council have raised concern.


View from local street

Shifting the store closer to the road is an attempt to encourage greater numbers of public transport users and pedestrians into the store. Currently it’s a 300 metre walk from the main road. Car parking spaces will be halved to 170 spaces.

However, the number of vans used for home deliveries will increase from 3 to 14.

Click here to view documents and plans.


  1. Ed

    Would it not be possible to incorporate passive provision for a Bakerloo line station in the design? Seems daft from Sainsbury’s and the developer

    • D

      The whole site, plus some, is needed for the construction of the station and tunnelling.

  2. Nick

    I guess in a similar way to woolwich a developer could build a station box and entrances then build over the top?

    • D

      Tfl would still require the whole site for constructing the Bakerloo Line extension.

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