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Thamesmead Aldi to reopen on 30th January

The rebuilt Aldi supermarket in Thamesmead will reopen at the end of this month on 30th January.

The store has been closed for some time now. Plans were first revealed and covered on this site in 2017.

Aerial view

There’s been a bit of a ding-dong recently as those plans included smartening up areas with greenery alongside the shop. That will now not happen as apparently the landowner – which isn’t Aldi – didn’t want it.

On a wider basis, this store and others nearby are due to be knocked down for an entirely new Thamesmead centre looking something like this:

Draft plan

This is, however, many years off.

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  1. CDT

    This is good news for the residents of Thamesmsead. This Aldi Store was very popular when previously open which i am sure it will be again upon it’s re-opening. on the 30th January..

    It is a pity the landowner did not want greenery planted by the store as this would have improved the look of the area.

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