Buses attacked in Thamesmead causing diversion

Buses attacked in Thamesmead causing diversion
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TfL have tonight had to divert buses from Whinchat Road in Thamesmead due to persistent incidences of items being thrown at passing buses on routes 380 and 244.


The trouble started around half nine and continued sporadically for hours. Witnesses report items including tiles being thrown at passing buses forcing withdrawal and diversions.


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3 thoughts on “Buses attacked in Thamesmead causing diversion

  1. What is the matter with these people? Many young people get free or reduced bus fares dependent on their circumstances but still they go on to cause this mindless damage to our buses.

    TFL should look seriously at taking away their free or reduced bus fares completely (With the exception of the elderly and disabled freedom passes) or alternatively withdraw them after a certain time in the evening say 8pm when full fares would become payable.

    Perhaps then they might learn to respect peoples property. In this case the buses they vandalised. Throwing objects at buses or any vehicle can cause a serious accident or cost lives.

  2. I can’t find the bit in the article where it says it was done by young people. Is there another source for this story that mentions the youth?

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