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Confirmed: Charlton Riverside housing numbers already bumped up to 8,000

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Well, we saw this coming.

Before even a single home has been built the planned number of homes at Charlton Riverside masterplan area has increased from a range between 5,000-7,500 up to 8,000.

Charlton Riverside masterplan (click to enlarge)

The number comes from the latest version of London Plan – a document that will guide development for the next two decades. Granted, this is the “intend to publish” stage so not the very final, but after two years of consultations and drafts this is as good as final.

As stated many a time, masterplan numbers are invariably raised. Greenwich Peninsula started around 5,000. Then in 2015 that went to 15,000 and earlier this year it was revealed that Knight Dragon are seeking to increase the number of homes by 1,750 to over 17,000. And that’s just Knight Dragon plots and excludes Morden Wharf and other sizeable sites.

Morden Wharf plans – not part of 17,000 number

When Silvertown Tunnel projections were made – which already estimate 30 per cent more traffic through the borough each evening – these revisions were not known.

Kidbrooke also saw it’s masterplan revised a number of times and now stands at 5,300.

Kidbrooke tower wasn’t in original plans

Again, that excludes developments immediately around the masterplan area, which in Kidbrooke means 600 homes from TfL.

TfL site in Kidbrooke

With London’s population rising by 1 million people per decade new homes are certainly needed, though of course so are services and infrastructure to match. At all these sites were totals have been revised, transport upgrade plans are either on hold, cancelled or non-existent.

Charlton’s new target of 8,000 is being met by a number of new developments. Last week another was revealed. In total we have:

Stone Foundries

1,200 homes are planned on this industrial site.

Herringham Quarter

New Charlton scheme

This site is centred around industrial units and the Lydenburg Estate. In total there will be 1,292 homes if approved. Detailed plans for 762 of those homes were submitted in October 2019 by Hyde Housing.

Overview of Herringham plots

Westminster Industrial Estate

520 homes are planned at the former Siemens site. Some buildings will be renovated and some demolished.

Developer U&I bought the site for £27 million in 2015 then sold for £58 million in 2018 after designation for the site was changed from industrial to residential.

Early plans were submitted in September 2018.

Flint Glass Wharf

Riverside plots

500 homes are planed on this plot from developer Komoto. Click to read my September 2018 coverage here and Charlton Champion’s take here.


Controversial scheme has been taken to national planning inspector

A contentious scheme on the west of Charlton Riverside nearest Sainsbury’s that would see 771 homes if approved. It was rejected by Greenwich Council and that appeal was upheld by the Mayor Sadiq Khan. Developers Rockwell have now taken appeal to the national inspectorate – which a hearing having only just finished listening to evidence. A decision is due early 2020.

All known schemes total around 4,500 homes out of a possible 8,000 planned across the designated masterplan area.

Victoria Way blocks can be seen in background

Other large Charlton developments such as Synergy at Victoria Road are outside the Riverside Masterplan area. That is seeing 331 homes.

The revised masterplan sees 1,000 jobs at Charlton Riverside and 15,000 at Greenwich Peninsula.

The London Plan is a whopper at 622 pages. There’s much else to cover and I’ll be going through and looking at revisions from previous editions for upcoming posts.

Diamond Geezer has an overview of the London Plan here.


  1. Greenwich Park Fan

    How are all these extra people going to get around? The buses, tube and roads are already overloaded at rush hour.

    At least that’s how it feels to me as a commuter! I suppose they’re not pushing us in to the trains like Tokyo just yet…..

  2. Steven Norris

    All environmental mob rattle on about pollution and congestion in Greenwich, so how does this help. Surley they need to work out where the road an oher infrastructure is going to go

  3. B.F.

    And let’s not forget the fact these aren’t the only developments in Charlton, and in 5 to 6 years time Morris Walk Estate will be fully redeveloped as well

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