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Serious collision and fire on Bugsby’s Way in Charlton causing disruption

An incident this morning on Bugsby’s Way in Charlton has seen the fire brigade attend and long queues in the area.

It appears a white Ford was in collision with a motorbike which caught alight. Witnesses report dragging the injured rider away from flames. The incident occurred around two hours ago around 11am (15 July) at the junction next to Asda.

Heavy delays remain in the area. Buses delays can be expected.


  1. CDT

    Any update on the motorcyclist condition? My thoughts are with all those involved in the collision and hope they all go on to make a full recovery.

  2. Jo

    They are ok I heard.

    Awful road for pedestrians and general safety. Though then again if someone is driving poorly as I heard not much can be done except ban all cars.

    Loads of shops keep opneing but nothing is ever done to upgrade this stretch.

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