Leading London Conservative (and Bexley Councillor) retweets image mistakenly blaming climate protesters for Hyde Park mess

Conservative Bexley Councillor Gareth Bacon (Longlands ward and the head of London’s Conservatives at the Greater London Council) has today retweeted a widely mocked tweet which mistakenly labelled mess in Hyde Park as coming from climate protesters.

The mess was actually left after a completely separate event on 20th April named, conveniently, 4/20 (though the muppets have used the American date layout).

You may or may not agree with the protest but there was a clear difference in approach from many climate protesters at Marble Arch and other locations towards litter than how some left Hyde Park.

I’ve also heard much other nonsense in an attempt to discredit protests by stating mess was left at locations which were also full of tourists and other members of the public such as Oxford Circus.

What’s been noticeable from many is incredibly transparent and incorrect attempts to smear the groups rather than address points and levy a counter-argument. And social media has hordes of people who swallow it up without thinking.

Leading Conservative

Aside from being a Bexley councillor Bacon is also currently the head of Conservatives on the London Assembly. Retweeting this was an extremely basic mistake. Anyone who spent two minutes in the area or researching should have known. It shows just how easily fake information can spread on social media – and in this case spread by one of London’s leading Conservatives.

Ironically it comes shortly after the Conservative government warned of action on social media companies and ISPs due to fake information on their platforms.

Mr Bacon is no stranger to being in the news. He had four local government jobs at one time under Boris Johnson, and was criticised by some residents who wondered how he could fully devote attention to various roles including working for the GLA and as a Bexley Councillor.

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6 thoughts on “Leading London Conservative (and Bexley Councillor) retweets image mistakenly blaming climate protesters for Hyde Park mess

  • Typical Tory smear attempt!

  • The easiest way to help our environment and fight climate change and he most simple thing everyone can do is to pick up their own rubbish and put in the bin. If no bin available put in a carrier bag until you find a bin or take it home and put in your own bin. Whether you go you see other peoples discarded rubbish.

  • desperate dig at the tories. has daryl chamberlain taken up a role at FTMD !?

  • Agreed ndog Labour do not fare any better. We have a Labour Council in Greenwich and have seen one of their councillors in court for fraud.

    When will they realise it is real public money paid for by the taxpayer and not toy money or their own money they are responsible for spending. All Councillors, MP’s and AM’s on the GLA need to be more transparent and conduct themselves professionally in public office at all times. .

  • A desperate dig at the Tories?? Read the piece! It factually states that the head of the Conservatives at the London Assembly (and a local politician) retweeted a post incorrectly blaming climate protestors for something they didn’t do.

    I suppose you are quite happy that this tripe should be spread by a supposedly serious politician?

  • No not at all. I was just pointing out that politicians do make mistakes, All politicians should be serious about what they are doing at all times whoever they are.


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