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Christmas appeal for the site

This year I’ve been able to dedicate a lot more time to the site and increase the number of posts on a daily basis thanks to the kind help of many people.

Next year I’d like to keep that going and strengthen the site so this is a little post asking readers to help me if you want, or can afford to.

I have two ways to help. One is becoming a Patron of the site which means donating money each month and the amount starts at a quid. I have a page to do it here. You can cancel anytime.

The other way is a one-off donation which can be done here.

New builds and plans have seen extensive coverage

Both have been massive sources of help this year not only in being able to stay in London as a private renter with a young family but also to dedicate time to researching, communicating with readers and writing stories, alongside taking snaps of parts of town and new developments to illustrate posts.

I’d like to thank all the readers who get in touch and support the site. I get a far few each day now with tips on stories and other information.

It’s all a massive help. Have a great Christmas and thanks for reading.



  1. GreenwichRes

    I really appreciate the work you put into the site and will drop something for you in the New Year.

    Have a Merry Xmas!

  2. fromthemurkydepths

    Many thanks! Much appreciated

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