Traffic & parking fines in Greenwich borough double after CCTV switch on

Figures from a Freedom of Information request show the number of fines issued to drivers for parking and driving violations in Greenwich borough doubled after CCTV enforcement was switched on in September 2020.

The latest figures for November 2020 show 12,840 fines issued compared to 6384 in November 2019. Fines are £130 or £80 if paid within 14 days.

Fines by month

The increase follows almost no fines given issued lockdown last spring. It appears the majority of fines are now CCTV as traffic warden numbers have declined from the same time last year – despite what Greenwich Council’s cabinet were told in a December 2020 report.

CCTV powers enabling fines again poor driving – or moving traffic violations – including parking outside schools on ‘Keep Clear’ markings and driving through no entry signs have been available since 2004 for London councils though Greenwich were one of the last to authorise their use. They went live in August 2020 though a grace period meant fines were issued from 8th September 2020.

Damaged street furniture at newly renovated Passey Place in Eltham. Cars were regularly parking on paving

CCTV cannot be used for enforcement against the vast majority of illegal parking except on bus lanes and outside schools on ‘keep clear’ markings. The majority of parking enforcement must be carried out by staff on the ground. Greenwich also do not use cameras for Low Traffic Neighbourhood enforcement.

More examples in Eltham at £6 million project

October 2020 saw 11404 fines compared to 5674 the previous year. All income is ringfenced to transport and thus cannot bolster other areas of an authority’s budget. Transport improvements can include overall street improvement work to encourage walking. Many London councils have previously added it to annual TfL funds to improve local areas.

Ugly public realm exists in many places

We have to see if this increase in income – potentially totalling hundreds of thousands a month – will see an improvement in public spaces for pedestrians. Let’s just hope it’s not another bollard frenzy. Additional funds are little use if working practices from the 1980s persist in council departments and senior staff.

There’s plenty of genuinely positive schemes that could be enacted. Greenwich are currently last out of London Labour councils in using funds for street and transport improvements derived from parking and developer income.

The full list of camera locations can be seen below:

CCTV location list

The most controversial spot appears to be a lay-by near the o2 in North Greenwich which has been used as a drop off point for many people using the tube.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    20 thoughts on “Traffic & parking fines in Greenwich borough double after CCTV switch on

    • Greenwich Council could double their income by placing CCTV cameras on Trafalgar Road.

    • Where should drivers now pull up to quickly pick up and drop off passengers at the O2?
      You can’t drive into the NCP car park because you can be fined if you pick up & drop off there too!
      The other car park specifically for pick-up & drop offs is too far for passengers who are carrying large heavy suitcases (for people jumping on the jubilee line to go to Heathrow).

      • Do all those people need to drive to the O2 given the north Greenwich area is frequently congested?

        Could some use a local rail station (or bus to the O2) and travel via Southeastern or Thameslink to then connect with the tube?

        It was initially a site on the list as many cab and bus drivers complained about people blocking roads waiting for those on event days. Right now that’s not an issue of course. In the near future the Design District completes and the Magazine venue was due for 200 events a year.

      • @HK: they can drive into the carpark at B&Q and drop off the passengers to continue their journey by bus. As for big heavy cases, I was in North America (Canada and the US) for a month and only took with me a 36 litre suitcase.

          • @Joe: ridiculous would be if I said they should walk. There is a bus stop opposite B&Q with several routes going to North Greenwich.

    • I live amazingly close to the peninsular and have used that drop off many times for
      a. Dropping off my wife with child and luggage for both of them.
      b. Dropping off my elderly parents with small amounts of luggage.
      c. Dropping off foreign in laws who have stayed a while and have large suit cases.

      We would have to get the bus otherwise and bus with long haul suitcases is pretty terrible.
      We could have ordered a taxi – but then what is the difference to me driving?- I doubt the taxi would pick up another passenger on the way back – so still a one person return journey. At least my car will be parked and not roving the streets for the next pick up.

      I actually think its unethical for them to ticket people dropping off in that layby. It causes relatively no congestion. They should convert it into drop off with a limited wait time. Chances are you would be local to do this anyway.
      In fact if a road area gets lots of tickets – it means there is something wrong. Another way to look at it is you should stop ticketing in these places and fix the problem – then re-introduce ticketing.

      • I agree with you on many of your points. My parents are quite elderly and it wouldn’t make sense to drop them off nearby just for them to wait for a bus with heavy luggage.
        There really should be a quick pickup and drop off point nearby like at airports that could be controlled by CCTV and ticket motorists who have parked longer than say 5min.

      • It is incredibly mean spirited as per usual. There was never a problem with that drop off spot, i’ve no idea why they’ve made it one.

      • In twenty years’ time, ask your child if they think private car ownership in cities was ethical in 2020.

    • Perhaps now Thameslink is on the tube map more will use rail rather than tube at north Greenwich and car. I’m curious as to where exactly you live that driving is best? Would a station like Westcombe Park be better? You may be a relatively rare case, as I know from seeing complaints about this online that many appear to be driving in from Bexley borough instead of using their local stations. It should be quicker for them to head to their nearest station and then take a train to one of the central London stations to connect with tube/train to say Heathrow or Gatwick when things get back to normal.

      I feel they could have delayed this spot by a few months but after that discouraging car trips makes sense. Traffic is bad as it is and many new attractions are coming which could induce far more journeys without action.

    • Another reason I’ve just remembered for Millennium Way being on the list could be Silvertown tunnel construction. It will see roads in the area halved in width soon alongside altered layouts.

    • It’s a start … But a Borough wide strategy to combat illegal parking, obstruction and abandoned untaxed vehicles must happen, if you managed this process rigorously in the first place you wouldn’t have half the problems you see on the roads daily. A stronger presence is needed. If any other London Borough can do it why can’t Greenwich? Most of these councils contract out their parking services and receive significant revenues by well-established parking enforcement companies such as Apoca or NCP etc. to fund much needed investment for public safety, Public Realm upgrades and other traffic measures.

      • Totally agree Ashley. This should have been dealt with years ago. Greenwich is a great Borough to live in London but sadly is extremly poorly run by the current administration and has been done so for years.

        As you so rightly point out Ashley every other Borough in London is on top of their parking problems and are dealing with them effectively while also bringing in much need revenue for Local authorities to spend on vital front line services.

    • I’m not convinced the no turn onto Blackwall Lane from the slip road coming off it, to join the slip road back onto the A102 is actually enforced. Every time I pass by in rush hour cars are still doing this (coming off the slip road, and turning right and thus blocking the traffic coming from Greenwich trying to get onto the A102 towards the Blackwall tunnel)

      • The Blackwall Lane junction has always been very confusing with its lay-out and not being able to do a drop-off near the O2 is a joke.

    • It is an absolute joke Dave.A drop off and pick up point is needed by the 02 not fogetting we now have the Magazine Music Venue near by as well now.

      Greenwich Council once again not considering the elderly disabled and parents with children who can find it difficult travelling on buses and public transport.

      • I’ve lived in the area since before it was developed. I have driven, walked, cycled and rollerbladed (!) around the area and never seen where the drop off in car park 1 is. Amusingly its not marked on the map you linked.

        I guess it could be that its a pay and display car-park, but you get the first so many minutes free.
        Car park one is a little far for aged parents or single parent trying to manage the luggage of themselves and children. I do think the lay-by is the correct place for a drop off. Its more or less an empty road with lots of space.
        Even better if they opened up the parking spaces behind the station for 5 minute drop-off.

        • I agree 100% John.
          I didn’t know that that drop off point existed until recently, but it’s in the wrong place as it’s inconvenient for the older, frail and others with luggage etc.
          This drop off point needs to be much closer to the O2.


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