Bus driver petition taken to full council meeting – will much happen?

Bus driver petition taken to full council meeting – will much happen?
Over 100 bus drivers signed a petition calling for better enforcement in Plumstead

This weeks full Greenwich council meeting will see a petition handed in from 84 bus drivers operating TfL buses complaining of lax parking enforcement preventing safe operation of buses.

The main area of contention is by Plumstead station with drivers now threatening not to stop in the area unless action taken.

In the past week alone two accidents have occurred. A third – where a person was hit in the area – is not yet confirmed as being related to poor parking.

Collision last week at bus stops

Greenwich Council have stepped up patrols but as a Freedom of Information request revealed, there has been no net increase in staff over the past year and less employed now than for much of the past eight years.

Without more staff the problem will be hard to solve, as it’s far from the only area with chronic issues.

Many cars double parked in Eltham

At the last full council meeting Cllr Jackie Smith claimed the authority had tried to hire staff but failed on two occasions recently. The Freedom of Information contradicts that by stating four staff were hired in April 2018 yet are still not qualified though are included in figures of staff employed. Four other staff have left hence no net increase.

UPDATE: In an answer to a question at tonight’s meeting Cllr Jackie Smith has stated eight agency staff will be employed – an increase of four from what was said at the last meeting.

But does the Department have the correct information this time? It’s been chronically underperforming and disorganised for many years. Despite this, little action has been taken to arrest a £10 million budget hole – until now perhaps after bus drivers set out their complaints. But did it really have to get to this stage?



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5 thoughts on “Bus driver petition taken to full council meeting – will much happen?

  1. I hope the bus drivers’ petition finally puts a rocket up Greenwich Council’s backside. Those cars are parked there all day, so there is no danger of confrontation from angry drivers when tickets are left on windscreens.

  2. I hope something is done about HERBERT Road too..I feel sorry for the Bus Drivers..People Park where they want without any regard for the Buses and other road users and Pedestrians

  3. The constant parking in the bus lanes along Plumstead Road and total disregard is a long time problem. Unfortunately if I were to park illegally elsewhere it would be a different story. It needs a rule for all no matter what policy.

  4. Parking around Plumstead Station/PLumstead Road and Herbert Road is an absolute nightmare, Those parking the vehicles have a total disregard for buses other road users. Making these areas dangerous for others.

    I hope Greenwich Council take the action required to tackle this problem and ensure on going parking enforcement in the areas concerned.

  5. Regarding Eltham, I guess this is what happens when you remove some sixty feet of short term parking and slap a bus stand there…

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