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Abbey Wood estate to see £1.3 million revamp

Courtesy Google. Random ugly bollards - check. Cars on pavement - check. Cheapest street furniture and railings going - check. It's a Greenwich Borough housing estate all right

Greenwich Council have announced that almost £1.3 million is to be spent improving the Flowers estate in Abbey Wood.

The contract has been awarded to City Heights (London) Limited for “works consisting of External Refurbishment, Repairs & Associated Works”.

Hopefully this also includes external areas used by the public.

Some local people have been fighting for years to gain improvements and had a tortuous process and this is very welcome news.

The work however is not on the neglected far larger estate of 3000 homes in Abbey Wood, which has been continually overlooked for substantial funds.

Hopefully this project is properly managed. It was recently revealed that a similar scheme in Woolwich has overrun by at least £1 million in part due to mistakes made at the outset, such as

‘Originally, the Asbestos surveys provided by the RBG Pollution Control were inaccurate. Following further investigation on site, it was discovered that the existing boiler house contained Asbestos, which had to be removed prior to demolition works.’

All in all though, many of Grenwich’s run-down estates are crying out for investment and news such as this is welcome. Now they have to properly engage with local people.

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