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Woolwich housing upgrade runs £1+ million over budget

An upgrade of a Greenwich Council housing block on John Wilson Street in Woolwich has overrun its budget with an estimated £1,049,004 million needed to complete work.

The contract was awarded in January 2015 for a sum of £2.8 million to Mears Ltd.

This appendix lists work carried out as well as forthcoming action.

Aside from this overrun, the upgrade isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. A more dreary shade for the new rendered exterior is hard to imagine.

The exterior public spaces are also neglected, cluttered and damaged:

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  1. anonymous201486

    This is not even funny. That rendering is looking distinctly thin at the base of the front elevation in your third picture.

    I skimmed over the schedule and saw this:

    ‘Originally, the Asbestos surveys provided by the RBG Pollution Control were
    inaccurate. Following further investigation on site, it was discovered that the
    existing boiler house contained Asbestos, which had to be removed prior to
    demolition works.’

    Why does this not surprise me.

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