New homes by Borough Market at one of SE1s last big vacant sites

If, like me, you’ve wondered why there’s a big vacant site near Borough Market when passing over on a train then wonder no more.

Thanks to the brilliant SE1 site I found out  earlier that Transport for London and U&I are currently running a consultation on plans to build on one of the last big sites still vacant in this part of London. Your intrepid reporter set off to see what is being proposed.

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The consultation is at The Africa Centre at 66 Great Suffolk Street. It was on today from 12-8pm and tomorrow (Saturday 7th) from 10am to 3pm. 

Anyone who has passed on a train over the viaducts through Borough Market from London Bridge towards Waterloo East or Charing Cross will have spotted the somewhat incongrous site on Southwark Street. Amongst a sea of development lies a massive empty plot. How did that avoid building work?

Well, it was a large Network Rail base during Thameslink work. Now that’s finished (shame about the service…) it’s being used as a car park.

Unfortunately the consultation was lacking on detail. No detailed images were available and only vague ideas. The biggest is that buildings top out at 10-floors. No towers here.

What will be be built is a large number of homes and commercial space. Given the size of land a few hundred homes will be possible.

Crossbones Graveyard and Gardens will remain.

The development has been named Landmark Court. Click to see the consultation website. Images of the buildings should be available in coming months and as soon as they are they will be covered.

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I’m hoping to cover the huge Elephant and Castle schemes as well as Old Kent Road in coming weeks but of course I’ll still have daily news about Plumstead, Woolwich, Greenwich, Eltham, Bexleyheath, Lewisham and much more.

After all, from the smallest detail up there’s a huge amount that can be learnt from parts of SE1 and surrounding areas in creating liveable, popular and beautiful streets and public spaces. And some things to avoid.


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