Tower planned by London Bridge station

New City Court is the name of a proposed tower by London Bridge station currently working its way through consultation.

A new entrance to London Bridge station is planned facing onto a square combining refurbished buildings and the new tower.

The new entrance will assist in spreading passengers away from the narrow and congested Borough High Street entrance:

The developer states:

The development of the New City Court site provides an opportunity to improve the existing condition of the London Underground Entrance on Borough High Street. The TfL / LUL supported proposal is to open up the rear of the LUL Station box at ground level to provide a new exit directly onto the New City Court site new public realm and the enhanced connectivity it affords.

At 138 metres tall it’ll be less than half as tall as the Shard and shorter than Guy’s Hospital. The architects are AHMM.

Images of the tower are lacking which may raise concerns. The developers are aiming to submit a planning application to Southwark Council before the end of the year.

A garden is included which will be open to the public free of charge with full time gardeners employed to maintain the area.

When the Shard opened many expected a flurry of towers. That didn’t happen until now, with a couple of plans moving forward.

Now if only somethings can be done about the traffic and narrow paving on Borough High Street.



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One thought on “Tower planned by London Bridge station

  • You do realise that your last line will be eagerly seized upon as ‘proof positive’ by developers that the ‘public are demanding that Borough High Street and its environs be done away with entirely to be replaced by a mix of luxury city apartments and creative space for the 21st century and beyond’. It won’t be long before that pesky hospital gets in the way of the need to construct towers that can be summed up in simple, often derogatory terms.


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