Canary Wharf’s next skyscraper? Skylines Village plan revised again

Plans have been submitted for a tower at the Skylines  site on the Isle of Dogs off Marsh Wall. And how nice to see “village” again used in an entirely inappropriate way!

Plans for this particular version were first submitted over a year ago but recently revised. The stats are 579 homes, buildings up to 48 floors, a two-form primary school for 420 pupils with nursery facilities for 60 children and business centre.

The site is located to the east of most tall buildings

The site is currently a low-rise 1980s business park.

A “retail piazza” is also proposed.

Farells are the architects. They’ve altered designs for two mid-rise buildings to increase overhangs from two to three floors. The buildings have a strongly defined  exterior frame.

Affordable housing by room is 30.3% with a split of 78:24 between rented and intermediate.

The planning reference is PA/17/01597/A1




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