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A look at Woolwich towers proposed at Mortgramit Square

Here’s a new look at plans to build towers at Mortgramit Square in Woolwich. As feared, it appears that entire characterful backstreets will be swept away for bland boxes.

Mortgramit Square is a hidden part of Woolwich that has kept its character remarkably intact over the past 100 years whilst incorporating some modernity, such as the refurbished art deco co-op seen below.

Careful development would utilise these cobbled lanes and position commercial units and active frontages.

This plan appears to sweep them all away for blocks that are fat, lumpen, graceless and frankly a blot. I’m not anti-tower as regular readers will know, and they have a crucial role to house London’s rapidly growing population, but this design is poor and inconsiderate of the town’s rich history.

Due to its massing it completely overrides nearby listed buildings including former cinemas, not to mention the Victorian shops in the near vicinity. Something with grace could perhaps get away with being tall. This isn’t it.

Developers Artisan Real Estate, who describe themselves as “securing undervalued assets which can be transformed or enhanced further through a combination of hands-on and creative planning, intelligent development (*ahem*), pro-active asset management and repositioning”, hope to gain approval in Autumn this year.

It’ll be interesting to see what Greenwich Council’s new administration do as this appears to replicate the 1960s by sweeping away characterful areas for overbearing and bland high rises.


  1. James

    This is terrible, Developers are starting to get a bit too addicted to this “Luxury Apartments” trend and some of the designs lately are cheap and dull.

  2. Paul Salafia

    Woolwich has a ‘rich history’ of endorsing architectural carbuncles!
    The Council’s desire to grow the Tax Base should not overshadow our quality of life!

    • Tom

      People vote for them, it’s a labour stronghold, the emperor’s new robes are indeed wonderful!

      • amplatrade

        Unfortunately this is true with many residents trudging along trying to ensure morsel meets mouth. Unfortunately city planners are easily duped. I know, I used to be part of a “caring” architectural team financed by mercenary developers. This is obviously an urban carbuncle.

  3. Tom

    In the last picture there is a grey box in the bottom right corner, is that the new phase of Mast Quay?

  4. DollyRotten

    This is disgusting – talk about “doing an Erith” – ugh.

  5. BP

    Oh no…. Woolwich deserves better.

  6. CDT

    I agree this area of Woolwich needs something more in keepng with this part of Woolwich and local history.Is it not possible to redeveloped the buildings that are already there. Similar to what they did with some of the historic buildings on Woolwich Arsenal development.

    • Comment by post author


      They could retain some frontages and build up and out from behind which would retain character yet permit much housing. It’s greed that seeks to flatten everything for giant slabs.

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