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Sidcup co-op to be demolished for 59-flat housing block

Approved this year

The co-op store near Sidcup station could be demolished for a new mixed-use development under plans submitted to Bexley Council from Copland Estates.

Co-op would be expected to vacate by March 2019.

Courtesy Google

No affordable housing is proposed. The developers claim it’s not “viable” to do so whilst making a 20% profit margin.

It is mentioned that this is the minimum margin expected in with the “level of risk” in the current property market. However, even when London prices were rising by 10-20% annually due to government props and interventions in the market, 20% was almost always the minimum profit margin that developers claimed was viable.

As such, developer profits have increased massively in recent years.

The nearby area has seen a growth in new developments in recent years, including a Premier Inn hotel and gold coloured “The Fold” block beside Sidcup station.

It’s not very elegant as a design. The colour palette appears pretty dark and oppressive.

The high street frontage has large bland expanses of brick from some angles. Behind that is a dull lump of a block.

The images of the proposed development aren’t very good but Bexley’s website rarely seems to have good quality images on their planning portal.

The planning reference is 18/01214/FULM. Click here to view and comment on these plans.


  1. marie freemantle

    Great let’s bung up the roads with even more traffic at least 59 extra cars on the road thank goodness Mayor Khan has thought of London clean air act. What a circus.

    • Harminder K

      Yep, I agree!
      All these high rise, high density rabbit hutches have long term negative consequences.
      I think it was once said that the notorious Ferrier Estate was the future of housing when it was first completed!!!!!

      Yes we need more housing, but it has to be the right type of housing, in the right places, right infrastructure etc

      I dread what the state of the borough will be like in 5-10 years

  2. bill R

    I wonder how many ‘palms were crossed’ to even consider this latest concrete monstrosity

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