Surrey Quays Odeon cinema demolition for new towers

Plans for the next 400 homes as part of the vast Surrey Quays shopping centre redevelopment have been revealed.

In total at least 3,000 homes will be built, with the first tower now underway near Canada Water station.

This particular site is Plot F, which includes Surrey Quays leisure park including Pizza Hut, Hollywood Bowl and the Odeon cinema.

3,000 homes approved at Surrey Quays shopping centre site and surrounding area

Outline approval has already been given, with this latest consultation offering detailed designs.

A park is proposed beside the site.

British Land are behind the plans.

35-floor tower in Rotherhithe now under construction

A contract for contractors which covers early plots has just been awarded.

Public transport improvements include a new entrance to Surrey Quays London Overground station.

TfL yesterday announced proposed changes to buses. While the 188 which passes the site is included and doesn’t see a reduction in this area, routes it parallels further north through Elephant & Castle will see potential heavy cuts adding passengers to the 188 route.

There’s no doubt the site is a vast under-utlisation of land in inner London and a relic from the 1980s, when London’s population was falling. Since then around two million more people live in the city and the capital sees ever more homeless households and overcrowding.

Curtesy Google Site contains many car parking spaces with housing demand strong

Large expanses of car parks abound alongside many low-rise buildings.

The new plans include a large amount of commercial space to replace shop units in the existing centre, though centres around traditional open-air high streets.

Shopping street through site is planned

High density housing is ideal at the site, though it’s crucial public transport is there to accommodate a substantial increase in residential population.

Revenue from the development includes:

  • Community Infrastructure Levy income to the Mayor of London and Southwark Council (majority for Southwark council) of at least £90m
  • Council tax revenue of £3.6 million per year
  • Business rates payments amounting to £62.8 million per year
  • New Homes Bonus funding of £18.6 million over four-year period

For those that don’t know, the name Surray Quays is a bit of a marketing wheeze dating from the late 1980s when Surrey Docks in Rotherhithe wasn’t deemed sexy enough.


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4 thoughts on “Surrey Quays Odeon cinema demolition for new towers

  • shopping street idea looks good John, but too narrow, doesn’t allow for outside customer seating, which is the big improvement everywhere else, Continental outdoor living in a climate warming up. Also no greenery allowed for, or benches it seems, priority given to putting buildings as close as possible to each other, very wrong! Will Londoners ever get enough vitamin A from sunlight in these new developments? guess not but the developers don’t care, they live in the Cotswolds etc.

  • Will there be a new entertainment section ..cinema restaurant as that will bring more money especially if residents live within area. There needs to be some entertainment. Cinema. Cafe ..etc.

    • A new cinema is opening nearby. I expect a multiplex would be included in the redevelopment given its size and local custom.

  • That is fantastic because The Hollywood Bowling gaming arcade is an amazing place at Surrey Quays along with cinema and the restaurants


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