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Sidcup man arrested after car crash

Courtesy MPS Sidcup

Back in September you may remember a car was involved in a sizable impact in Sidcup. The driver then did a runner.

Well, now he’s been caught. According to police:

“Billy Range, 24 years old, from Main Rd in Sidcup was arrested this morning. He’s since been charged with offences including Aggravated Vehicle Taking, Disqualified Driving & Possession Class A & Class B Drugs. Remanded in custody to appear at Bromley Mags Court tomorrow.”

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  1. Graham

    Excellent news – Well done yet again to the brilliant Metropolitan Police on another job well done.

    Drugs cause a lot of serious debt, heartache, distress to the user and their friends and families. Mental illness can also be linked to drugs in a large number of cases. With many drug users being diagnosed with Psychosis and some forms of schizophrenia. after illegal and recreational drugs.

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