A new look at Ikea Greenwich progress

The basic shell of Ikea’s new store in Greenwich is now almost complete as the store moves towards opening early in 2019.

Progress has appeared rapid though it’s not such a big surprise given that for all the “sustainability” PR it’s a basic steel-frame retail shed at heart.

Meatballs coming soon

This’ll be chock full of your DJUNGELSKOGs and more in the near future.

Many a couple will be bickering here in 2019. Normally nearer the checkouts

To the rear is a proposed mini-garden:

Access to this site is currently poor and not very accessible. Will any enhanced crossings be provided?

To head straight ahead here, a diversion to the left needed to use unmarked crossing.
Barriers and lack of crossings

It probably goes without saying that improvements on the road network around the site show no progress. Guardrails, pedestrian obstructions, permanent diversions plus ugly and damaged street furniture abound.

We’ll have to see what the £1.7 million allocated for “Transport” goes towards from Section 106 income to Greenwich Council from Ikea. Click below for a larger image:

Heads up; transport shouldn’t just means tarmac and roads.

I do like the alteration to the road sign:

You have to be lacking a bit up top to walk around here

Ikea recently proposed placing a 47 metre (150 ft) advertising sign on the site which has caused some controversy.

They were originally hoping to open later this year though it now appears to have slipped into 2019.

I also had a stroll to other shops on Bugsbys Way. Wouldn’t more trees along there make a big difference? And it wouldn’t cost take much from Section 106 income:

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

6 thoughts on “A new look at Ikea Greenwich progress

  • For me I just want money spent on mitigating the increased traffic and improve pedestrian access/safety.
    I am guessing that gridlock will force any improvements, but ideally it would be good to improve the traffic flow before the store arrives. The Woolwich road A102 junction is a prime cause of congestion, with people leaving the A102 and rat-running through East Greenwich with the hope to rejoin closer to the Blackwall tunnel being a reason.
    Just looking at delivery costs £25-£35 for near shop delivery of any package over 30Kg (think medium billy bookcase), means if you have a car – you will drive.

    Maybe some of the candidates in the upcoming elections have some points of view to address worries…

    • In the past I have got a minicab, to take the furniture home as it worked out faster and cheaper than the home delivery. The last time I got home delivery it was just one woman on her own with own with several items (including a wardrobe) to deliver to me. I had to help carry the items from the lorry, as there was no way one person could carry all that. Well worth the £35!

  • The artist’s impression suggests that the entrance to the store will be at the front, just as it was with the former Sainsbury’s, and consequently parking will be on the vacant lot across the road. I should imagine, however, that deliveries and pick-up of large items will take place around the back.

    There is no doubt that traffic congestion will be worse on the weekends, but no one has actually suggested how to improve the flow of traffic given the dirty, great approach road to the Blackwall Tunnel that overflies East Greenwich and the narrowness of surrounding roads.

  • John is absolutely right. The A102/Woolwich Road junction is prone to appalling congestion now. Who knows what it will be like when Ikea opens? I can’t but help think people are sleepwalking into chaos here.


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