Here’s Plumstead’s new library…powered by a diesel generator?

It was recently revealed that Plumstead library will be moving to temporary accommodation for 18 months at the Abery Street car park site on the High Street.

Plans are now in and it’s a bunch of portable cabins as expected – six to be precise

Courtesy Google. Library will be located to rear of the car park

Controversially the move means losing a large number of parking spaces for the duration of the work, though the car park has had a “temporary” sign up for at least a decade.

Many questions were submitted to Greenwich Council’s monthly meeting tonight on the subject. There’s some intruiging responses.

One is that it is lightly used with very few tickets issued. That’s probably because barely anyone pays as there’s pretty much no enforcement. Local residents initiated a manual count which showed far higher usage than revenue suggested.


Another issue is the possible use of a diesel generator. In planning documents it states they are looking at mains power but if not then a diesel generator – a “Hyundai DHYD120KSE silent 3-phase 1500RPM 120kVa Diesel Generator” – will be installed. I thought I’d include the model for all you generator fans.

Generator marked out in top right corner

Not sure how healthy that diesel generator will be.

The portacabins will be grey, cos, y’know, every temp building has to be as dreary as possible. On the bright side some raised planters will be placed in front of the library along the road. Will they be kept clean or become rubbish strewn in days? One to keep an eye on.

The answers from Greenwich’s deputy leader and head of regeneration Dan Thorpe (Labour – Shooter’s Hill) also show that the murals in the existing Carnegie library will not be restored and revealed under current refurbishment work.

The planning reference is 18/0362/F

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