Buildings rise at 2,000 home Thamesmead and Plumstead development

The first blocks of a major development in an area of Thamesmead and Plumstead are now evident beside the one-way system near Plumstead station.

This is Lombard Square and not located in the most glamourous location between a prison, three-lane gyratory and elevated sewer.

Lombard Square

Initial buildings to go up at the Berkeley Homes and Peabody site include those facing the one-way system as well as blocks along the western end of Nathan Way.

Looking down Nathan Way

Hoardings surrounding the site are rather amusing proclaiming a green oasis beside heavy traffic as cars head to a McDonalds drive-through and buses leave the nearby garage.

To be fair, there is a nice green space planned within the site but unless a hermit who never leaves that’s where it ends.

Not much quality or nature surrounding this site

Plans to rework the gyratory? Scrapped.

Efforts to improve the walk to nearest station? Apparently dead. No funding allocated from the development.

Underpass entrance on left

Fancy a walk nearby? Nathan Way’s pavements are often blocked by parked vehicles day and night.

Public space is also run down with broken street furniture widespread across the area as Greenwich Highways fail to maintain the area.

Wider area a mess

A shame so little thought has been given to the wider environment and integrating such a major development, as internally there’s much to like.

Proposed builds look decent enough

There’s a large green area and mansion blocks but as ever, there’s scant thought or funding from Greenwich Council allocated in integrating new communities and developments with those that already exist.

You can put dozens of banners along Plumstead High street about “shop local” but if at the same time ignoring the chance to improve links to that very area, then why will people visit?

Half arsed

There’s the underpass which is rarely if ever cleaned (piles of rubbish sits there for months), poorly lit, stinks to high heaven and has broken steps heading to Plumstead.

Steps broken

Up above there’s very narrow pavement to one side of the road.

Narrow paving. Single file only

The other side has wider pavement – though not enough for thousands of new homes nearby – but lacks dropped kerbs.

No dropped kerb along pavement at junction seen on right between homes and station, buses and shops

The same goes with transport. Not much use putting out numerous reports on going green and using public transport then ignore making walking to the nearest railway station and major bus routes in any way appealing.



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