Changes planned around Plumstead station and underpass: New consultation begins

A consultation has commenced on possible changes to areas around Plumstead station including an underpass which will act as a link between 2,300 homes and Plumstead station.

Work is desperately needed for both existing residents and those set to move in.

Narrow paving space to reach station

Work covers the area below the flyover which acts as a main pedestrian route to the Sorting Office as well as the entrance to the Ridgeway which runs atop the Southern Outfall sewer.

Despite cosmetic work in recent years such as murals the area still has major issues. Dumped rubbish sits for months. Basic maintenance isn’t undertaken.

This video shows a walk through the site.

With work well underway at developments in the near vicinity it’s a somewhat belated time to begin looking to improve. However, better late than never.

It should be noted when both those projects were approved, Greenwich planners opted to allocate next to nothing to improve this area via Section 106 payments.

Hopefully this completes before residents begin to move in.

Underpass proposal

There’s cycle parking visualised underneath the flyover but really, who is every going to leave bikes here unless the parking is extremely secure? It’d be far better directly outside the station in an area of high visibility.


Changes in the area shouldn’t have taken so long with chances for more income to improve missed again hen plans for 1,750 homes at Lombard Square were bumped up by another couple of hundred, following on from a number of earlier approvals at three sites in recent years.

It’s not like their wasn’t any planning strategy or document in place that should have guided work. The Plumstead Area Framework highlighted issues when adopted back in 2016.

From Plumstead Framework. Subsequent development saw funding allocation placed elsewhere

Given the underpass is far from enticing many walk on the flyover currently, though with narrow paving its barely built for it as things stand let alone with thousands of new residents moving in nearby.

Gyratory opposite station with thousands of homes rising to rear

The consultation sees widened paving though also retains three traffic lanes. This could well still act as a congested pinch point upon completion of new housing.

A toucan crossing will also be located closer to the junction.

Proposed changes

The road outside the station entrance will be altered with the removal of substantial space within lanes.

Current crossing leading to station

Existing problems

There’s also plans to move the bus stops on the A206. These are notorious for poor and illegal parking which Greenwich regularly fail to act upon.

In the past 130 bus drivers have petitioned the authority over safety concerns due to poor parking. Over the past year serious incidents have occurred including the death of one pedestrian and others seriously injured.

Cars often double or triple parked

The issue continues to be a major issue with little enforcement. Whether they will enforce post-improvement both is a key question.

Without it pedestrians will remain at risk.

The authority did set up a CCTV camera to monitor parking on the eastbound stretch of road well away from this area – where few problems ever existed – but not on the westbound stretch where cars park across the pelican crossing and in the bus lane.

Yep, they ignored the area that has seen numerous complaints from residents, 130 bus drivers and the scene of various incidents.

Vehicles parked along up to crossing (see green light) and beyond. Taken one week after serious incident here

While changes are welcome unless they enforce safety will remain down the list of Greenwich Council’s apparent priorities, and like many other areas of public realm improvement it’ll fall apart.

Still, there’s no doubting there’s some very positive things here.

To view details and comment on plans click here.



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    3 thoughts on “Changes planned around Plumstead station and underpass: New consultation begins

    • The walk way is also know as murder alley to anyone that lives in se28 and needs to walk to Plumstead station. It’s also completely flooded everytime it rains. There’s been an outstanding flag on fix my street for several years and Greenwich council have completely ignored residents… Even though a massive multi million development is now ongoing. The whole area stinks of Greenwich council incompetence and unwillingness to do statutory works, let alone actually make it a nice area.

    • there used to be underpasses under this flyover , all closed years ago. the parking, same as the rest of this end of Greenwich, the heavy mob are in Woolwich and all over the touristy Greenwich, but the rest of Greenwich residents can take a hike! We get vehicles dumped, police confirm that they are Councils problem, 6 months later, loads of letters, emails , phone calls later, we get the crap service tah is dished out to those not in the touristy, might be seen area. Zilch action! same with flytipping.

    • Well said A P Thurbon I totally agree with you.

      Much more attention needs to be made to public realm around new developments. Greenwich Council are really poor when it comes to public realm improvements. The underpass needs to be made much safer and brighter.


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