272-home tower plan submitted for Abbey Wood site beside Lidl

Plans have been submitted for another tower in Abbey Wood in advance of Crossrail’s arrival later this year.

272 homes are included.

The tower is located at the roundabout by Harrow Manorway and Eynsham Drive. The site is currently a car wash and PDSA vets.

It looks pretty smart at street level and good quality materials seem in evidence.

A replacement vets will be located on the ground floor of the building. Another commercial unit will be located alongside.

Affordable housing is listed as 35% but there is no mention of social housing levels.

The development will bring £1,525,348 to council coffers through the Community Infrastructure Levy. How much will be spent locally?

EDIT: Planning documents reveal nothing will go towards improving local parks or shopping parades. The vast, vast majority of authorities would do this so local people share in the benefits of large developments.

Abbey Wood estate could certainly do with meaningful investment to ensure locals enjoy the benefits. Most Crossrail related investment is happening around the station, which is a fair old way from some of the run-down areas of the estate located miles away.

More play equipment, sprucing up the place so locals can take more pride, a better park and other investments would all be welcome.

It’s a “car-free” development which makes sense so close to a major new transport link yet concerns will be raised over parking in nearby streets and Greenwich Council’s enforcement of parking issues given their lamentable record in parts of Abbey Wood.

There are 59 spaces though these will be for visitors, the disabled and vet users.


As for pedestrians, the huge roundabout beside this planned tower is a real hassle to cross for pedestrians with long detours needed when walking north-south or east-west.

Harrow Manorway is currently seeing a £10 million upgrade, as Bexley is Bonkers recently covered.

Site in yellow.

This development, plus Peabody’s plans for thousands of homes over the road should mean a better environment for pedestrians at the roundabout but I’ve seen little sign of one.

Traffic lights will be installed but it still sees indirect walking routes. There’s no need for such a vast roundabout here with the increase in local population that is coming:

Courtesy Google. This is not pedestrian friendly. 1000+ homes coming in area = more pedestrians
Courtesy Google

Greenwich Council have insisted on landscaping along the paving edge. It looks great in renders but unless regularly maintained becomes litter strewn and messy pretty quickly.

View from Eynsham Drive

Kingsbury’s statement claims Crossrail will mean trains to central London in 25 minutes. That’s already been possible for decades, as semi-fast trains took 23 minutes to London Bridge.

Crossrail brings it down to 11 minutes to Canary Wharf and 17 minutes to Liverpool Street.

Kingsbury Consultants have submitted the plan for JML group.

The planning reference is 17/4080/F. Click here to search.

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