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Abbey Wood, Thamesmead

Thamesmead’s Barge Pole pub to be demolished as Peabody trundle into life

Courtesy of Bexley is Bonkers

Peabody have hardly covered themselves in glory since taking control of Thamesmead regeneration work from Gallions. Progress has often been glacial when it came to demolishing long-disused buildings and constructing new ones.

Lucky there’s no massive housing shortage eh?

According to Bexley Council, they’ve now recently purchased the Barge Pole pub in Thamesmead and want to demolish it as soon as possible.

Harrow Manorway outside is currently in the middle of a £10 million upgrade. However good luck finding many information or detailed images from either Greenwich or Bexley councils. Bexley is Bonkers is capturing progress.

These not very revealing images are pretty much all there is of Harrow Manorway road plans

The borough boundary runs along the middle of the road. Greenwich have managed the entire road for decades under a 1970s agreement (which probably explains the crazy amount of street furniture and clutter near the roundabout which brings down the appearance of a wide area) yet Bexley Council are in sole charge of these works, and they havn’t covered themselves in glory with Bexleyheath works.

Plans for 272 homes on the Abbey Wood side of Harrow Manorway were also recently revealed.

Looking along Harrow Manorway. Road image unlikely to be accurate

Bexley Council’s Places meeting also reveals that Peabody own the site where the former Harrow Inn pub stood in Abbey Wood and have recently purchased another small building next to the larger plot and hope to submit a plan for housing in March/April 2018.

Incidentally, why are notes on regeneration from Bexley Council officers usually so much more thorough than similar from Greenwich staff?

The documents regularly cover events planned in Bexleyheath town centre over the coming year and events planned alongside business as part of the Business Improvement District.

Woolwich doesn’t have Town Centre manager let alone anything like a BID scheme to improve the town.

The Bexley document regularly lists which businesses close down, what open and what is being done to support traders. This sort of thing may pop up once in a blue moon at Greenwich’s equivalent Regeneration meetings but it’s not very often. Nor is a round up of what is happening in each town in the borough.

Though like Greenwich Council, Bexley often don’t seem to know how to spell Abbey Wood (It’s NOT Abbeywood) and state Wilton Road is now safer. Errr, I don’t think many agree with that.

The Bexley Council document also reveals that public realm improvements have commenced around Erith station and will complete in spring 2018.


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  1. Dave

    it will be amazing, the Barge pole will not be missed.

  2. Looks like we will all be driving on the right along Harrow Manorway once the building work is complete. I suppose with all the homes being bought by foreign investors, it makes sense.

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