Tears all round as local Bollard artwork removed by Abbey Wood station

Greenwich Highway’s staff may well be weeping into their whisky tonight as one of the most elaborate and experimental pieces in a long and distinguished history was seen being dismantled near Abbey Wood station.

The abstract, ambitious bollard installation located beside Abbey Wood station was installed at high cost sometime in the 1990s. Despite some last-minute attempts at listing it appears Crossrail work will see it go.

d’abord la borne ensuite le monde

Mourners were seen dabbing tissues this week as workmen moved in. Tony Robinson was pictured scouting Wilton Road as a last-minute Time Team special was being rushed to air.

Nothing but vandalism

The bollards were arranged in a convoluted pattern believed to conform to ley lines related to Lesnes Abbey just up the hill – and not entirely randomly as some silly local blogger named Murky Depths (or something similarly stupid) believed. Sadly Greenwich Council Highway Department’s exquisite attention to detail has been ridden roughshod over by those damn bureaucrats from City Hall.

At least 12 bollards were installed – with each representing one of the 12 disciples.

Happier times. Matthew and Luke represented on left in foreground

But now the Judases have swept in to remove them. Not since some Henry Moore’s were removed from council estates has such civic vandalism been inflicted upon unsuspecting locals.

The piece was a highlight of the abstract, avante garde style Greenwich Highway’s are famous for. More than £130,000 has been spent in the past couple of years on similar work across the borough so the flame lives on in places – at least for now.




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2 thoughts on “Tears all round as local Bollard artwork removed by Abbey Wood station

  • March 22, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    If only they would have hired an additional 10/20 staff to monitor the situation accross the borough, then all these ugly bollards would have never been necessary!
    Like you I see so many situations in the borough which should be fined to (slowly) stop them from happening.

  • March 31, 2019 at 7:43 am

    I think the new regime has taken a decidedly anti ‘things poking through concrete’ approach. Not only is the bollard art going so are all the cycle stands in Greenwich!


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