Iceland in Woolwich moving to Poundland site – redevelopment potential at former site?

Iceland have submitted a planning application and are looking to move from their existing site by the outdoor market to the former Poundland store on the corner of Powis and Macbean Streets. Poundland have moved into the former Marks and Specer store further along Powis Street.

Poundland site that Iceland are looking to move into
Poundland site that Iceland are looking to move into

Maybe not the most exciting news in the world and I’m entering the realms of speculation here, but could the old site become part of a larger development in coming years?

It’ll be extremely close to Crossrail, is a tired and unloved building and the public space outside similarly dated and wasn’t refurbished when the rest of the Beresford Square was. This area map shows the Iceland site in red. The green areas are council owned, with one being the market yard. The blue site is the large expanse that housed a Victorian school until demolition five years ago.


This area is just two minutes walk from Crossrail. The Council’s market yard could be included in any redevelopment. It’s an expansive plot of tarmac just behind the Iceland site.


The public space and toilet building are not too attractive as it is and again any replacement toilet can be within a new development. This could be a nice earner for Greenwich Council and greatly improve a tired and underused area.

Here’s the public space:

Tired and un-refurbished public space with dead street frontage of building behind
Tired and un-refurbished public space with dead street frontage of building behind

Whether the Macbean Street site could be included in any larger scheme is an unknown. Whoever owns it demolished an attractive Victorian school building and then never submitted any plan except for temporary car parking and a car wash.

That whole stretch is surely ripe for development. Building tall is likely given heights in the area. Hopefully the road can be widened with a dedicated bus and cycle lane.



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4 thoughts on “Iceland in Woolwich moving to Poundland site – redevelopment potential at former site?

  • the poundland where it stands is fine .
    The one at the old M/S is far to big . As the isles are far apart and not enough stock to fill up such a big shop.. It takes for ever to know which isle is what
    Keep the poundland in the smaller shop it suits it better

  • I had a feeling that Iceland would move from where they are now. The public space near Iceland and down to the main road is unsightly, and I find that the overly large advertisement board an abject eyesore.

    The site where the Victoria school once was is in a right state. From the top deck of the 161 bus I take to work, I see that the site is used as a dump for fly-tipping, and it really ought be developed.

  • Does anyone know where Wilko will relocate to when that site gets redeveloped? It’s a pity they can’t move to old M&S site. I saw that Barclays are moving out this month.

  • Woolwich is being spoiled by High Rise Blocks. The Old Woolwich will be destroyed by these Eyesores. Our Market Square has been Destroyed, Why have the few remaining fruit & Veg stalls been banished to Greens End. Why have we the public been barred access to the Beresford Square Market from the High Pavement? Accessed only from either end. Why has the nice little Park by the Area near to the Waterfront been destroyed by more High Rise Apartments.??? Soon there will be no room for us to Breathe. We shall be packed in like Sardines. If you must destroy the Market Square. Why not relocate to The Covered in Market. Most North Country Towns still have thriving Markets under cover.
    Long time resident in Charlton.


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