Nine screen cinema coming as part of revised Lewisham Gateway plans

A nine-screen cinema could be coming to Lewisham from operator Empire as part of revised plans for Lewisham Gateway.

The Gateway site is between Lewisham station and Town Centre. Phase one was the four towers by the entrance now completing.

Phase two is for another 530 homes. The initial plans were rejected due to a lack of “affordable” homes. Building heights have been revised down but it was not the height that was the biggest issue but slab-like barrier blocks lining roads.

London Living Rent will now be offered at 106 homes. The cinema appears to be located closest to the town centre and will have 900 seats.

Office space is planned as part of the development.

This shows the sheer amount of space in what was once the roundabout outside the station:

Overlooking the site

A number of cinemas are underway across south east London. There’s one coming in Catford, two on the drawing board in Woolwich, one in Eltham, one in Sidcup and another in Bromley (alongside the Odeon becoming a Picture House). Oh, and one just outside London in Dartford.


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    11 thoughts on “Nine screen cinema coming as part of revised Lewisham Gateway plans

    • Really useful summary. But what about the impact of this and other residential schemes on already overcrowded Lewisham station, which started a peak-hours one-way entry and exit trial last week? Go to LSUG’s website for more background information on the station and its problems.

    • Please can we have our roundabout back as it is impossible to drive around the system

      • …as it is a nightmare to cycle/walk around the system.

      • I see vehicles navigate that road every day. I assure you, it is 100% possible. You know the definition of impossible right?

    • Do you know how ‘London Living Rent’ works? It is another ridiculous Affordable Housing ‘Product’, and if you follow how it is calculated, the rents are obscenely expensive. At least Affordable Rents set at local levels are significantly cheaper. The London Living Rent is a complete sham!

    • There’s a cinema due to be built in Ladywell too!

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    • Do we have any updates on how the plans for the new cinema and housing are progressing?. This will be a great boost for Lewisham Town Centre and Lewisham Borough residents.

    • It’s pretty certain now that the 9 screen (around 900 seat) cinema will go ahead. The layout is shown in the plans for Block C that went to Lewisham’s SPC recently and were approved as part of the Reserved Matters stage for Phase 2. There are auditoriums of varying sizes, allowing for plenty of flexibility and choice. Developer Muse have an operator signed up. A new cinema in Lewisham is very welcome but queries have been raised about whether it needs to be such a large one, given the existing 5 screen (538 seat) Picturehouse in nearby Greenwich, the approved proposal for a 3 screen (220 seat) cinema in nearby Ladywell, and talk of a new cinema for Catford too. Will all these cinemas be sustainable? In addition, by putting the Gateway cinema in Block C with a ground floor entrance from St Stephens Square but all auditoriums upstairs and the full width of the block, the design has resulted in a very forbidding, blank and insensitive east façade facing the attractive 1860s terrace across Lewisham High St and the river opposite. The SPC was unhappy about this and wants to see and approve the final version, including materials, rather than delegate to officers. Let’s hope there are improvements.

    • The traffic system in Lewisham is at its capacity and is a fine example of how to completely ignore the needs and safety of residents and pedestrians. Cars crawling through are creating very high levels of pollution, and the lack of speed at which they are able to pass through traffic lights means they block pedestrian crossings at almost every opportunity.

      The green men for pedestrians stays lit for a pitiful amount of time and does not allow for the lesser-abled to get from one side of the road to the other in one go.

      Does anyone have a clue as to how it is even a possibility for this to improve with the introductions of many hundreds of new flats smack bang in the middle of the trouble?


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