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Consultation held on 27 new flats in Greenwich

New build approved on Blackwall Lane

The plans never stop coming in.

Consultation on 27 flats in east Greenwich has just been held for a new block on Blackwall Lane. The site was used as a garage and tyre yard until July 2018, and is next to the Meantime Brewery.

Courtesy Google

The new build block uses red brick to reference the adjacent listed Rothbury Hall. Developer Lanbury are behind these plans.

A commercial unit is planned at street level.

Blackwall Lane has seen a reasonably large amount of development in recent years. This block is on the Greenwich Social club site:

Looking up Blackwall Lane.

And almost opposite is this patch of green recently sold by Greenwich Council for housing.

Streets heading to the O2 and North Greenwich look like this:

Courtesy Google


  1. BlackheathZak

    Another commercial unit to sit empty for ages…

  2. GreenwichRes

    I have to say I support most of the development along Blackwall Lane, it used to look pretty dire (parts still do). Hopefully in time businesses will fill up the units.

    I do hope they keep that patch of green green.

    And have you seen the state of the road surface near the roundabout in your last pic, how bad must it get before it’s resurfaced?

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