Plumstead station area gets spruce up with new signs

Now this I can get behind.

Some wonderful painted signs appeared today on the bridge by Plumstead station. Network Rail have funded the project with  the artist behind it.

Courtesy @Royal_Greenwich

It follows a whole bunch of similar signs appearing all over Lewisham borough in recent months.

I’ve already noticed some grumbling from a few but the cost of this will be very small. Miniscule in fact. And it lifts up the whole area. Money well spent in my book. Something that lifts up the area and gives identity.

I can see some thinking perhaps a bit twee but it work in this location with Victorian buildings and railway sidings.

Courtesy @Royal_Greenwich

In just a couple of hours a very busy area has become a bit more beautiful. I love little interventions like this and wish the local authority was as proactive in pushing similar. It needn’t cost huge sums and take months or years.

I’m surprised but pleased Network Rail have funded this. I initially thought it was a council or Peabody initiative in relation to the nearby Housing Zone.

The public realm in the area is absolutely awful, though should be improved by a multi-million pound upgrade in coming years as part of the GLA and Peabody’s Housing Zone.

And whilst we wait for that this little lovely shot in the arm for the area appeared.

Peabody signed an agreement with Berkeley Homes for 1,800 homes nearby.




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    3 thoughts on “Plumstead station area gets spruce up with new signs

    • I love these! I want him to do one under the Blackwall Tunnel underpass by the Angerstein roundabout

    • Absolutely lovely. As the refurbishment of General Gordon Square has shown if you give people surroundings to take equal pride in they will be less likely to savage them. To this day I’m both pleased and surprised that the Square hasn’t gone the way of its predecessor and I hope Plumstead will have a little more attention paid to it as time goes on.

    • I Saw this on my way into work a few days ago and was pleased to see it as it brightens up the area
      I just hope it isn’t vandalized as it will benefit all especially those visiting the area for the first time


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