Walk-in test centre coming to Plumstead High Street

A new covid testing centre will open at Abery Street car park in Plumstead.

The site will be a car park which housed a temporary library for some time. Raised planters for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme were removed from the road this week, with people wondering why. This is likely the reason.

Avery Hill park.

This new centre follows a test site opening at Avery Hill park in Eltham. Seven month after lockdown and accessible centres for people on foot are finally opening.

This contrasts to areas such as Germany, which have long had walk-in centres in areas of high footfall, such as outside rail stations.

Test Centre in north Greenwich

For many months in London only car based centres were an option in places such as at one of north Greenwich’s sprawling car parks, despite London having the lowest percentage of households using a car in the country.

Tests must be booked in advance, and to do so visit gov.uk/coronavirus or call 119




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    4 thoughts on “Walk-in test centre coming to Plumstead High Street

    • My question over the last 6 months has been Why…whats the point…?…
      I had Covid last December for 10 days…same time as China…at that time it had no name…last 3 weeks I had a new virus…no name…18 days…it came and went….
      Having any virus antibodies…positive or negative…but so what….
      If you feel ill you stay home…if you feel fine tou go out….
      As everyone can see its unstoppable…no cure…and like every virus that arrives here….

    • Roy, as you seem to be one of the first, if not the first COVID-19 case in the UK, I assume that you have reported this to Public Health England so they could investigate how you became infected, as their extensive research has been suggesting that the first UK cases were on January 29, 2020 when two Chinese nationals fell ill at the Staycity Aparthotel in York.

      That aside, I am astounded by your comments around the ‘insignificance’ of COVID-19 – they are neither helpful or will be of any comfort to the 1,000s who have been suffering from the virus or have lost loved ones to it!

      Obviously the NHS, UK Government and the Governments of other countries have got it all wrong… perhaps you should contact them to advise them on how we should all be dealing with this virus so we can all have our lives returned to normality before Christmas!!!

    • Roy that is part of the problem some people do not know they have Covid-19 as can be asymptomatic so unwilling pass on the virus to others who are vulnerable. and can become very ill with Covid-19.

      Also other people have symptoms but think the virus is fake so refuse to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing etc again spreading the virus on to other people who can become very ill very quickly.

      if you have symptoms please stay at home., If your a vulnerable person or self isolating a volunteer from the hub can help with shopping etc if you are unable to shop on line and get a home delivery or have no else that can help you.

    • It is good to see more Testing Centres for Covid-19 coming on board. Everyone I have known who has had a covid-19 test after displaying symptoms got their results back in 24 hours.

      So there has been a lot of scaremongering around the time it is taking to get test results back.


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