Canary Wharf expansion at Wood Wharf sees towers near completion

A major expansion of the Canary Wharf estate to the east continues to progress as towers near completion.

Wood Wharf is set to see 3,600 homes and marks a recognition by Canary Wharf of a need to diversify away from a heavy reliance on office space.

Three towers facing South Dock as part of the expansion have topped out and are at various stages of cladding application.

Three towers at Wood Wharf

It’s quite the downgrade from an adjacent tower built in an earlier phase.

An overview of various buildings can be seen below. Towers now completing are 40 Charter Street and 50-60 Charter Street.

Overview of Wood Wharf

That grey cladding on 40 Charter Street appeared far lighter in tone during the application process.

It’s all gone a bit dreary. A previous render showed horizontal bands that appeared far lighter in colour with darker fenestration and cladding. It’s a lot more grey now.

KPF tower on right

The two towers next door are an assault on the eyes with more than a nod and wink to 2000s-type cladding many had hoped was binned forever.

Up close

Next to that work has begun on another structure as seen below at 70 Charter street.

An image below shows the core starting to rise.

Core rising to east

A 29-floor tower is due here at the eastern extremity of the site.

While tall buildings line the dock, the inner section of Wood Wharf contains medium rise brick buildings as seen below when viewed from Trafalgar Way.

Looking from north. That cladding on new towers…

Note the structure to the left in the foreground. That’s a modular hotel which has seen delays due to issues with a prior contractor. It’s now back underway.

In future a tower up to 50 floors in height will be built beside Blackwall Basin to the north of the overall site, but this does not appear imminent.

Earlier Wood Wharf tower on right

When the three towers beside South Dock complete a total of 1,300 build to rent homes will be ready for occupation.

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