Stratford station new entrance to open within a month say Transport for London

A new entrance for Stratford station aimed at easing congestion is set to open within the next month.

Work has been ongoing for some time as workers created a new entrance and exit near Jubilee line platforms.

New entrance

A recent Transport for London meeting stated the opening was still on track for this financial year. That means very soon.

Slow progress

Many times in recent months when passing through the station I’ve poked my head around to look at progress. It hasn’t exactly appeared swift but TfL’s recent report states it’s on course to open soon, so, let’s see.

The entrance/exit will assist with crowding and help on West Ham match days. At present housing isn’t too plentiful near this particular entrance as Newham Council evicted residents for a rebuild of Carpenters Estate. That’s been in limbo for a decade.

Carpenters estate block seen from Stratford station

Yet last month plans were approved for a comprehensive rebuild. More than 2,000 homes are part of the new development. Some of the tallest blocks will remain but many low-rise buildings will be replaced.

So eventually some much needed homes will appear but the last decade (at least) has been a shambles and many residents have suffered.

Forthcoming entrance.

The site will eventually see 2,154 homes though that’s far from all in the area

The new entrance and exit also provides an alternative route to Stratford High Street and numerous sites are earmarked for development in years to come. Too numerous to mention here but they’re coming in thick and fast.

As for who is paying, station funding comes in part from developer contributions via Section 106 and the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Take note Greenwich Council. CIL can help improve areas if the desire is there.


The new entrance is located beside Jubilee line platforms beside a branch of Pret so not only will people have a shorter trip on foot but a handy coffee to enjoy en route. Well, given Pret coffee maybe not. And how much for an espresso now? I still think a filter with milk is 99p (or 49p with your own cup). About three times that?

The new entrance is also a short dash to platforms on the DLR Woolwich branch – though the closest platform is towards Stratford International and most will want the other way. Still, it’s a great addition.

In the near future the Stratford International DLR branch is projected to see new trains arrive first to boost frequencies and add capacity.

Though the very same TfL report which mentions Stratford’s new entrance opening in coming weeks also mentioned a slight slippage on new trains being introduced.

New entrance beside Jubilee lie platforms

When they do arrive new DLR stock will add extra capacity.

Future bigger better changes

The new entrance is but a mere starter for far more grandiose plans for Stratford in decades to come – if funding is found.

The town is a hotbed of plans and development. Click on the Stratford tab to the right of this page (if on desktop) to see some of them.

I can barely keep up and it’s clear the area has some way to go yet in terms of change and a major station rework is needed.

As for when or how that happens is not yet decided. The UK doesn’t often do pro-active so it won’t be imminent.

Good luck all!


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    2 thoughts on “Stratford station new entrance to open within a month say Transport for London

    • I have been to Stratford and the station itself does get very busy especially at rush hour and when there’s football happening at near by West Ham United. And Stratford International station is lot more spacious and less busier with only Southeastern Highspeed trains serving the station and DLR station close by as well.

    • I only ever go to Stratford for Westfield and occasionally cross the road to the old centre. If this new entrance/exit is closer to Westfield, that would be great.


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