Blackwall tunnel closing for Silvertown tunnel work

The southbound direction of the Blackwall tunnel will see two full weekend closures for Silvertown tunnel work in coming weeks.

Closures will be in place from 30th September to 2nd October with another the following week between 7th – 9th October.

Proposed road layout

Transport for London state that further closures may be needed during weeknights between 2nd – 6th October “depending on progress made over the weekend”.

The Woolwich ferry will operate a 15-20 service frequency. Bus route 108 through the Blackwall tunnel will be curtailed running between Lewisham and North Greenwich and Canning Town to Stratford.

108 bus

Both tunnel bores have now been dug with work underway on escape routes and road layouts either side.

Last week this site took a look at the emerging road and roundabout layout north of the Thames which is now visible from the cable car.

Silvertown Tunnel exit meets Blackwall Tunnel (Click to enlarge)

These weekend closures are to continue work on a road bridge for drivers exiting the Blackwall tunnel which will pass over traffic leaving Silvertown tunnel before both converge further south.

With four southbound lanes from two tunnels converging into the existing A102 a short distance from where both sets of traffic meet – combined with TfL predicting increased numbers of vehicles from two rather than one tunnel – it’s here where congestion will increase.

Heavy traffic having exited Blackwall Tunnel will soon have another traffic’s worth added alongside from new tunnel

TfL updated their modelling recently to show more vehicles are now expected to head southbound per hour in the afternoon peak increasing projected levels of congestion along the A102 and A2 heading towards Kent through Eltham, Kidbrooke, Blackheath and Greenwich.

With additional traffic on the main artery through to Kent there’s the likelihood of additional vehicles leaving the A2 and A102 to take shortcuts along local roads, which in turn will impact bus routes such as those running below the flyover in east Greenwich.


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    4 thoughts on “Blackwall tunnel closing for Silvertown tunnel work

    • Good to see the gasholder is still ther thise

    • do we know if the northbound bus only lane for coaches and buses will exist post completion? they have already closed it to facilitate the new pededstrian crossing andf it has not been reopened since July.

    • Total Joke, congestion both sides is terrible even on weekends, All traffic from the otherside will come through Greenwich, gridlock and Charlton are at home on the 7th

    • Yes, but how long before they turn it into even more ‘executive’ apartments?!


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