Abbey Wood Post Office demolition to soon commence

After years of inactivity with building homes on Abbey Wood’s former Post Office a demolition and construction plan has been submitted to Greenwich Council.

It’s a modest block that’s due to replace the post-war Post Office near Abbey Wood station.

Plan approved for Post Office site

Dating from 1962 the building closed around four years ago after a 10,000-strong petition to keep it open was rejected.

This cypher still just about hangs on –

The building opened in 1962

The application states that “on-site works are scheduled to commence September 2023, and due for completion late 2024. It is envisaged that the duration of works described will be 72 weeks”.

Meanwhile there’s no apparent action at Peabody’s site over the road years after approval given. It’s many years since the Harrow Inn pub was demolished.

No action on Peabody site

Both sit just a two minute walk from Abbey Wood station.

Due for demolition

The former Post Office was never the world’s most attractive building inside or out. But if you were a fan, you’ve not got long to see it.

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3 thoughts on “Abbey Wood Post Office demolition to soon commence

  • But they were quite decent people, especially compared to those bunch of junkies hanging there before.

  • That is true — I’d add that neither squatters and junkies should be considered as negative words, they are just descriptors of what people do and in no way indicate their worth.


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