Deptford set for possible pedestrianisation

An upgrade to Deptford High Street is included in a list of transport projects to be discussed at a Lewisham Council meeting next week.

A report before the Sustainable Development Select Committee notes that plans are being drawn up for: “Urban design improvements to Deptford High Street between the junctions of Edward Street and the A2.

“Deptford Broadway is a heavily used street with shops which will improve from pedestrianisation”.

Deptford saw public realm work in the 2010s

Deptford Broadway is a wide road and major traffic artery. The report is not specific on pedestrianisation, but it seems likely they means Deptford High Street at and near the junction with Deptford Broadway.

It’s not too long since the last multi-million pound upgrade along Deptford High Street, which hasn’t been too well maintained since installation.


The meeting discusses annual funding allocations to boroughs from Transport for London’s Local Implementation Fund.

Total funds have reduced since the pandemic owing to Tf’L’s financial issues, and the meeting notes extra funds will be needed.

It states: “This is one reason why we have established an “Active Travel Fund” to pull together all existing funding streams for highway and transport initiatives to ensure that opportunities are maximised for including active and sustainable transport measures within existing programmes.”

However, extra funding is not confirmed:

Looking towards Deptford station

“The Active Travel Fund does not necessarily represent “new” money but it ensures that existing funding is utilised in a more intelligent and holistic way to support improved outcomes.”

Borough’s in London tend to use a number of funds to supplement TfL revenue. One is income derived from parking, whether it be from car parks, Controlled Parking Zones and enforcement income.

A recent report from Lewisham shows an increase and surplus of £7.44 million in 2022/23.

Lewisham’s parking revenue over past five years#

By law income from parking is ringfenced to transport projects.

Another source of revenue many London boroughs use to supplement funds is revenue from new developments and that includes Section 106 and the Community infrastructure Levy.

Before covid threw a spanner in the works, totals allocated from S106 and CIL in the borough can be seen below:

Lewisham LIP

The council had allocated £4 million from both funding streams towards transport improvements.

In the coming year, the latest reports states “Preliminary and detailed design of urban design improvements” will be undertaken.




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  • I think that’s a great idea. Perhaps pedestrianising it partially or introducing in stages would work best.


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