Transport for London’s Kidbrooke station development making gains

One of Transport for London’s housing ventures in the capital at Kidbrooke now has cladding attached as work moves towards completion.

A number of blocks will eventually comprise 619-homes directly beside the eastbound platform, though what is now under construction is phase 1.

Directly beside the station

The small red building is set to be used for commercial space, though initially will be a sales office. Bus stops will be located alongside.

Approved late 2019

The project is a joint venture with Notting Hill Genesis.

Kidbrooke Village side of station

Towers from TfL and NHG north of the station join Berkeley Homes towers south of the station. Three more have recently completed though aren’t yet fully occupied.

New homes beside station

Southeastern recently reduced services through the station then stated they were taken aback by passenger growth.

New builds surround Lewisham station

Given what’s happening here and, for example, just one stop along at Lewisham that seems surprising.

The station was unstaffed when I was there once again. The company has not kept up staffing levels with changing demand.

Currently under construction to south west of overall Kidbrooke Village site

In recent years total units within Kidbrooke Village under the area masterplan have increased to 5,300.

This block also now well underway south of masterplan site

Further south are a number of other blocks underway from Berkeley Homes.

Greenwich Builds council homes coming soon

Kidbrooke’s rapid changes do not end there. Greenwich Council plan over 400 homes a short distance from the station opposite Aldi and beside Thomas Tallis school.

That site is divided into two plots. One already has cranes on site, while a planning application in recent weeks states work on the second plot is due to start in March 2023.

A number of commercial units unfilled

Kidbrooke is an area seeing some of the highest housebuilding in London which for many slips under the radar. With thousands more yet to move in, that should change.

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  • Pedant alert. Lewisham is two stops along.

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