New Greenwich Wetherspoon inside the o2 set to open 21 March

After some toing and froing around the exact opening date Wetherspoons have announced their new o2 venue will open on 21st March.

The company are spending £3 million on a large pub within the structure in addition to an outside area facing the Isle of Dogs.

It’s unlikely to be cheap given the location however. The company recently increased prices across much of what it deems premium locations and this week has upped prices nationwide by another 7.5 per cent.

Spoons will be around five minutes walk from the entrance

That could leave a pint of lager around £5 at the cheapest.

The company also recently announced closures across the country including their pub The Wrong ‘Un in Bexleyheath and Banker’s Draft in Eltham.

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2 thoughts on “New Greenwich Wetherspoon inside the o2 set to open 21 March

  • The Edmund Halley in Lee also closed end of december!

  • Yes the Edmund Hailey did close in December. I am guessing the new Whetherspoons opening at the 02. Is opening to attract visitors to the Venue attending shows etc. The O2 is well served by public transport and taxis.


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