Woolwich bar owner fined after noise complaints

A bar in Woolwich has been fined more than £2,000 after noise complaints.

The Courtyard, located at 108 Woolwich High Street, sits  opposite Waterfront and beside new towers at Callis Yard and from Berkeley Homes.

Residential tower next door

Greenwich council state the shisha bar and restaurant, which opened in 2021, was issued a number of warnings before being issued a noise abatement notice.

Owner Abdul Aziz Ghabaya was fined for a number of offences alongside being ordered to pay a victim surcharge and costs of £1,221, bringing the total to £2,046.05.



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4 thoughts on “Woolwich bar owner fined after noise complaints

  • £2000 fine peanuts compared to what the guys energy bill will be by now and coming up soon even higher, like us its not capped, only residential are. And even residential can increase standing charges i believe. As a business here because we reduced energy use right down as both a green outfit and to reduce overheads, when we renewed contract and they saw the low usage, all energy supplier choices (few for businesses) whack up the standing charge to make the money on that rather than the higher energy costs. Zombie Govt need to act with effective measures and fast, before businesses like the guy in the feature just fold. Guess that’ll solve the noise problem, but then you have a shuttered premises, graffiti etc and no local places to eat out. Zombie Govt. need to get their act together instead of waffling about removing petty 5% green charges (a backward step) and 5% vat, totalling 10% off, when bills potentially rising 300%. Do they think we are all stupid, or just the Tory members voting for Truss? (Germany was 15% until reduced to 7% in the crisis) and 1% on National Insurance rise reversal, which was to fund the underfunded health and social services, which was seriously overdue and insufficient too, thats also peanuts relatively. Giving peanuts to monkeys? Think monkeys have more intelligence than the Tory voting members if they vote in Truss.

  • The noise abatement laws apply to every single person including the owner of the bar. The bar is close to residential homes and residents are entitled to peace and quiet after 11 pm.

  • What an earth has all this got to do with a bar in Woolwich being fined and handed a noise abatement notice?

  • I agree Michael. This is about a bar owner being fined for noise abatement. Bar owners need to be responsible as we have enough anti social behaviour in and around Woolwich.

    Any more incidents being reported could see the Shisha Bar and Restaurant being closed down.


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