Town centre tower plan surfaces again in Woolwich

Last year an early report from developers United Living looked into the possibility of a 24-floor tower and up to 300 homes at a site on Mortgramit Square in Woolwich.

Since then some possible images of the tower emerged.

It’s hard to believe this will actually appear given the tower is pretty elaborate yet the low-rise section looks like some of the worst ’90s design.

And now a slightly re-jigged plan has emerged. 300 homes becomes 350 whilst 24-storeys reduces to 23.

United Living were behind last years submission. Today its “Artisan Woolwich”.

There’s little extra info on what the development would appear, how many existing buildings will remain or what will go.

It is likely though reading through that no much will be retained. These buildings would possibly go though not the former Granada Cinema/Bingo Hall and now church. The planning reference is 17/3593/EIA



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2 thoughts on “Town centre tower plan surfaces again in Woolwich

  • Too many of these small parades going now in Woolwich, I like this development but I think Spray Street is an awful plan and reminds me of when Erith removed all of it’s historic town.

  • It would be a shame to remove shops at the west end of Powis Street without some thought. It has been a dead area for more than a couple of decades, possibly due to the closure of the cinemas and more certainly due to the demise of the RACS. Clearly, trade needs to be drawn to that end. Powis Street is a long road and most shoppers, starting from the market end, are unlikely to venture much beyond Hare Street. The Masterplan mooted downgrading John Wilson Street and rerouting the South Circular, to better join areas, to the west, to central Woolwich. Whilst this is to be welcomed, I am concerned that the South Circular would therefore start at Gallions Reach and be thrust through Plumstead to Rochester Way. Having said this, the west end of Powis Street needs to be easily accessible, and of interest, to make it viable economically. A new housing estate in the Mortgramit area would help with this, and highrise is pretty much the only option. I don’t believe the original conception, in the first illustration, was ever genuine.


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