End of an era as Woolwich market trader bows out after 47 years

Here’s a nice little story that Greenwich Council have reported on today as a Woolwich market trader bows out after 47 years.

Andy Epps has worked on the stall for 47 years with his family running one for 150 years.

One of my earliest memories is being dragged around Beresford Square market by my mum. Amidst the throng I couldn’t see a thing, but can distinctly hear the shout of the market traders.

Andy Ebbs
“Two for a pound”.

Andy Epps was probably one of those shouting out as we walked near what was the old Iceland as bowls of fruit were being wrapped in paper and handed over.

He stated “Many years back I took the stall over from my uncle. It’s a shame it will no longer be in the family, but my son has a good career elsewhere that he needs to look after. I know when I leave the stall will be in good hands.”

Greenwich Council leader Danny Thorpe presented him with a bouquet of flowers.

The market in Woolwich in particular gets a lot of criticism but like everywhere it’s the result of changing habits.

Permanent market stalls are one idea

Plans are however in place to radically rework the market area. To read more click here to view my post from April this year. In keeping with changing habits, the idea is to create a space for people to linger with ideas such as a stage for live music.

Creating a café, restaurant or bar in the listed Gatehouse is another idea that will also bring people to the area to help traders.

Bar at street level?

Combine that with some of the excellent food stalls such as the Nepali food van and the market can have a bright future.


For now though, happy retirement to Andy Ebbs.


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5 thoughts on “End of an era as Woolwich market trader bows out after 47 years

  • The fruit and veg market is very good value and the prices often beat the supermarkets.

    Andy was was one of the people photographed on the marvelous wrap around poster in Woolwich Works.

  • Wish you a long happy and healthy retirement Andy.

    Andy is a gentleman who remembers how Woolwich used to be back in the days when Woolwich was a thriving Town Centre with Cuffs and the CO-OP department stores.

  • Woolwich Market ued to be one of the best markets in South East London and had stalls which sold everything you wanted.

    I believe Woolwich Market can be a great Market again with the right re-modelling and investment. Permanent stalls seem like a great idea along with a cafe in the Gate House.

    This may also help to attract more stall holders back to Woolwich as the market used to be larger than the current market we have today.

  • ‘Danny Thorpe presented him with a bouquet of flowers.’ As gestures go, that is pretty useless. A plaque would be more fitting.

  • I’m glad that someone remembers how lovely Woolwich was back in the day! I certainly remember Cuffs (used to get my school uniform from there), Co-op, and how about David Greig’s? Those were the days. That’s when the market was at its’s best, and Andy was definately central to that. The hustle and bustle on the high street, and on market days are one of my most fondest childhood memories. I join you in wishing Andy all the very best for the future, and thanking him and his family for all their contributions in allowing us to have that authentic experience of ‘market life’.


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