Greenwich development proposed at Speedy Hire site

There’s some sites that upon passing you think ‘how is that not yet developed?’

Speedy hire in east Greenwich is one of them.


Well, that’s question is now answered as a plan is in to build a block of 58 flats on site along Woolwich Road.

It’s currently low rise and set back from the pavement edge in an area of various residential homes.

Blocks at each end see a colonnade run between and set backs at upper floors.

Three units are proposed at street level. Affordable housing is below Greenwich targets at just 21% by unit basis and 23% on a room basis.

Public realm

The location is closed to one of the ugliest and worst designed areas of public realm in Greenwich.

This is after previous “improvement” work

A chance to remove some clutter and plant some trees?

The application states: “The proposals include enhancements to Woolwich Road comprising hard and soft landscaping for the enjoyment of both future occupants of the proposed development and the public.”

View facing Woolwich Road

I fear they’ll be some token benches stuck outside the immediate building and that’ll be your lot.

It appears trees directly outside have now vanished as plans revised:

Former design at bottom

In terms of where income from the developer paid to Greenwich will be spent, discussions are ongoing with council staff: “The draft Heads of Terms is ongoing through discussions with Officers to ensure that the development is wholly acceptable”.

The local area’s streets aren’t particularly attractive or green:

Walk from new flats to Westcombe Park station

Earlier today I was looking up how developer income was spent in other borough’s with some using income for tree planting programs:


Then again, Brent collected £27 million from developers in 2019/20 from the Community Infrastructure Levy while Greenwich only managed £1.3 million. Before that Brent obtained £63 million since 2015 while Greenwich just £8.7 million. Both saw roughly similar levels of development and affordable homes in that time.

Income in Brent from developers

When it comes to public realm, Greenwich allocated just £3,300 from £3.2 million in the latest figures using Section 106 funds. Yes, that wasn’t a typo. Just over three grand from £3.2 million.

Cycle path

A temporary cycle lane now passes the site, and the development would include 138 secure cycle parking for residents and visitors.

Site on left

A loss of 344 sqm of commercial floorspace is in place, with 890 sqm of commercial floorspace included.

View along Woolwich Road

The freehold of the site is owned by Gralaw Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Lawford & Sons Ltd) who leased the unit to Speedy Hire.

Click here to view the plan on Greenwich Council’s planning portal.


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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    One thought on “Greenwich development proposed at Speedy Hire site

    • The development does seem make good use of this empty site. A few trees planted to the front of the development can make such a difference to the look of the development.

      However, the public realm along Woolwich Road to Angerstein Roundabout is dire and in urgent need of improvements. To make the area more pleasant attractive and more important safer for pedestrians.

      There also needs to be improvements to crossings and under the Woolwich Flyover with better brighter lighting. Getting to the shops on Bugsby Way or to the local train Station can be difficult as you have to cross some very busy roads to reach them.


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