A look at new Woolwich riverside towers as the third rises

Two of six riverside towers constructed by Berkeley Homes are now all but complete on the former car park of Waterfront leisure centre.

Work is also well underway on the third, with the concrete core up to floor 17.

Third tower visible

The two complete towers are different to the bricks boxes seen so often not only on the Arsenal site but across London.

It’s a welcome relief and something Kidbrooke’s blocks could do with, which is another Berkeley Homes development along the same guise.

The blocks aren’t without fault as I’ve mentioned before more than once. There’s no commercial space facing the river due to car parking.

Commercial space in pink

This seems a really quite odd decision given it’s a lovely place for a café or bar.

There is commercial space facing Woolwich High Street, and the tower’s footprint leaves no space for a cycle lane alongside the road.

The area of tarmac seen above leading away from Woolwich High Street leads to car parking below flats.

Car park entrance

Woolwich High Street has had a mild revamp which did little to alter the road. It’s still unfriendly to cyclists.

Cars continue to park along it narrowing effective usage to one lane. Bus stands do the same.

Parking is pretty constant and reduces effective road space to one lane at most if not all times

It could be narrowed to one lane by enforcing parking and moving bus stands to Hare Street which would permit a cycle lane.

Roundabout remains – no cycle lane provision despite work undertaken recently

Riverside House opposite these towers has a new application to convert into more than 200 flats.

Much of the public realm is still as it was – and not very welcoming to those on foot.

A cycle lane along Woolwich High Street would also benefit those residents in reaching either the Thames Path (where Mat Quay Phase 2 is being built) or the planned Cycle Highway 4 due to end at the ferry.

Mast Quay also rising in the area

In amongst this flurry of development sits the old Waterfront. It lost its car park to Berkeley Towers which Greenwich sold to the developer.

Tower beside Waterfront

The original timeline was for it to move by now. Instead 2025 looks possible – though shops are still trading at the site its supposed to move to.

Previously built Berkeley riverside towers to left

A consultation into the leisure centre is underway and covered here.

Ideal spot for café or pub – but not happening. Mast Quay seen behind

Each tower will have a slightly different colour scheme, as seen below with the first two towers.

Colour scheme of first four towers

The next tower is due to complete in summer 2022.





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    3 thoughts on “A look at new Woolwich riverside towers as the third rises

    • There is a very good cafe with a terrace in The Yoga Space next to the fountains. Also Woolwich Works just opened The Visitors Book Cafe – also very pleasant – on the corner opposite the Iron Men. I don’t think a pub would have been acceptable due to late night noise levels which would affect the residents living in the new towers

    • I do like the look of these new towers with the different colour schemes. I do not think a pub would be suitable in the commercial space under the new homes due to late night noise and anti social behaviour which could disturb residents.

      I am looking forward to seeing this development fully completed.

    • Yes I have to admit i like the look of these towers too. They brighten an otherwise dull area of Woolwich.


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