Woolwich pub to see revamp as part of heritage project

No sooner had I written about the first plans to renovate buildings in Woolwich town centre comes another plan in the form of a pub to the west of the town centre.

The Castle Tavern is located close to the ferry and new developments at Mast Quay.

The pub serves Ghanaian food hence Amma’s Fare on signage.

Existing façade

A Design and Access Statement states that:

“The site has been the location of a hostelry since the middle ages, when Powis Street was still a dirt road.

Circa 1970 before 1980s street changes. The only part of said 80s scheme survives here in forms of raised red brick planters

The Castle Tavern is successor to the Castle Inn, a notable early C19th Woolwich hostelry which was rebuilt in 1937 for Watney & Co.

This end of Woolwich has many interwar buildings including nearby Mortgramit Square:

Furlongs Garage forms part of that plot:

Furlongs garage

It’d be wonderful to see the buildings here renovated.

There are of course two wonderful former cinemas also in the vicinity.

New homes being built nearby should bring extra custom to nearby business.

Taken early in 2022. New tower near ferry roundabout

You can view plans for other sites in Woolwich I covered yesterday here.


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3 thoughts on “Woolwich pub to see revamp as part of heritage project

  • Good news to hear that the Castle Tavern is to be revamped as part of a heritage project in Woolwich. Hopefully other local buildings of historical interest in the area can be refurbished and brought back in to use.

  • Another shot in the arm for that end of Powis St. Good news.

    • I see have faith that whole end can be rejuvenated. So much potential and housing in the area coming along.

      Next up build on the large car park (in part or whole)


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