Police object to alcohol licence for Woolwich bar restaurant

Police are objecting to a Woolwich bar/restaurant on Parry Place obtaining an alcohol licence.

Tobey Spice and Grill are seeking a licence after complaints saw police attend in June. They witnessed drinking outside and state upon entering an individual became argumentative as did people outside who entered.

A meeting is set to be held on 7th September regarding the application.

Extract from police letter

Police seized alcohol from the site, and a premises application was submitted the following day.

In the report police state that Parry Place sees “antisocial behaviour on a daily basis”.

Police state upon leaving a man “lunged” at them, and that hostile behaviour could prohibit council staff visiting the area.

That appears to be borne out with no action seemingly taken for years on many cars parking on pavements and double yellow lines on the road and junctions without enforcement.

Last year a local resident complained and filmed themselves being ticketed while parking staff ignored and were filmed walking away from a number of cars parked illegally on Parry Place.


In the recent past many have said that sweeping away this area through the Spray Street redevelopment plan – now known as Woolwich Exchange – would fix the problems seen.

Yet if the underlying problems are not addressed the same issues could arise again when that completes, or simply move somewhere else impacting another part of Woolwich.

To be built on Parry Place

The problems on Parry Place are not new, but no ones seems to have gotten on top of it. A common theme in council reports is intimidation and staff feeling afraid to act.

Whatever happens with this licensing application, the hope that levelling a large area of Woolwich will simply solve issues is a bit optimistic.


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4 thoughts on “Police object to alcohol licence for Woolwich bar restaurant

  • The area needs redeveloping and is full of dodgy ramshackle outlets. The horrendous parking violations that the council does nothing about is maddening. A couple of parking wardens could easily out earn their salaries in tickets if they drop-by every day in the afternoon and early evening.

  • I totally agree with Plumstead Resident comments.

    The Parry Place area is rife for anti social behaviour and is in need of redeveloping and should be includied ias an extension of the Spray Street redevelopment site.

    The Parry place site could be earmarked for new social housing or new homes at truly affordable rents for local people.

  • I support the police a alcohol licence shoukd not be granted for this restaurant / bar. Due to the following reasons.

    The owners have already been caught by the Police selling alcohol with out a licence with alcohol being removed from the premises. Anti social behavior Already reported in and outside the premises.

    It will just add to the anti social behaviour already blighting the area along with the The horrendous parking violations in the area has mentioned by Plumstead Resident.

    I think all these issues will increase if a alcohol licence is granted for the restaurant / bar.

  • I don’t understand the lack of action. Have a community support officer sat there every day for a few weeks and whenever it kicks off they call in officers to deal with the louts. After a while the louts will have found somewhere else to hang out and council officers can tighten the strings around the landowner/”business” owner. Over 4 months the area can be improved. Don’t get why it’s left to stagnate and decline with the council wingeing it’s beyond them…


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