Miles of queues at Dartford crossing and Blackwall tunnel

Another day and another set of long queues at both the Dartford Crossing and in Greenwich around the Blackwall Tunnel approach.

Both have extensive delays though there doesn’t appear a clear reason beyond sheer weight of traffic.

In the past couple of weeks the Dartford crossing has been extremely poor for congestion when heading anti-clockwise. Even by its normal poor standards.

Is this partly due to ever more distribution depots being encouraged? Amazon have just opened a huge warehouse directly beside the M25, though I’m not entirely sure just how fully operational it is. The staff car park looks rather full mind.

Dartford Council have also approved yet more depots.

The queues in Dartford and the approach now seem to be pretty much all day, every day.

Will it settle back to the old “normal”? Is it holiday traffic that wil settle down once schools reopen? One to watch.


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John Smith

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One thought on “Miles of queues at Dartford crossing and Blackwall tunnel

  • August 30, 2021 at 10:35 am

    Dartford Council argued against the granting of planning permission to Prologis, who wanted to construct a rail head on the marsh behind Slade Green train maintenence depot, on the grounds of pollution from increased lorry movements. Only to now do exactly that by encouraging ever more distribution centres!!


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