Growth resumes on London Underground

After some wobbles regarding passenger growth on the tube in recent times passenger numbers are again showing decent growth.

Latest monthly figures covering mid-November to mid-December show an increase over last year – from 115.1 million to 118.2 million – which continues the general trend seen since April 2018.

DLR eeks out growth

Bus numbers on the other hand continue in the other direction – down to 180.4 million this year from 183.8 million last year which again is the general trend this financial year.

The DLR shows modest growth from 9.8 million to 9.9 million.

London Overground is down from 15.5 million to 15 million whilst TfL rail is up from 3.9 million to 4.6 million.

Figures can be seen here 

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4 thoughts on “Growth resumes on London Underground

  • I don’t know how they are counting rider numbers on buses, but every bus I ride seems to be rammo, whenever I climb aboard, especially during the rush hours!

    • Probably the effect of running buses less frequently.

  • Buses are too slow. Stopping every 5 yards then being told to wait to even out the service. zzzzz. People have lives to lead.

  • For most people people bus is the cheaper and only option, The London Boroughs of Bexley and Bromley have no London Underground stations at all. The London Borough of Lewisham only has The Underground at New Cross Gate. The Royal Borough of Greenwich only has the Jubilee Line at North greenwich. Many more people live a bus ride away from their nearest train station,. So we need bus service improvements not cuts to frequencies of existing bus services.


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