Deptford butchers Wellbeloved to close for good after almost 200 years

Deptford butchers and local institution W.H Wellbeloved are to close their doors for the final time after nearly 200 years.

The business is located on Tanner’s Hill in Deptford,a street that appears to show little changes in 200 years from certain vantage points.

The history of the business can be seen here, and begun when William Wellbeloved opened up in 1829.

The business actually begun on Deptford High Street before moving.

Nearly 200 years after it begun, current owner Bill Wellbeloved will close for the final time.

You’ve a short time to get down and stock up on one or two of their famous pies.


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6 thoughts on “Deptford butchers Wellbeloved to close for good after almost 200 years

  • Oh no. A real shame.

    I think the business would still be viable and assisted via modern tech. I know many will say High street is dead, parking is hard and more though other factors do not help.

    As far as I know they had no website nor social media pages to advertise which was a missed opportunity. It also closed at 5pm, and as someone who worked 9-5 and lived in a new build they didn’t cater to people like me. Opening one night till 7pm and advertising it on Facebook would have helped.

    Hopefully something good opens in its place. But some advice to business owners – look at how your custom is changing and tailor towards it. Flyers in new flats in the area, pitch things towards them and people will come in addition to existing customers. I wish I could have visited more. best of luck to all.

  • Visited them a few times when I lived just by St. Johns station. I always used to admire that they held strong with regeneration of Deptford. What an absolute shame.

  • I hope with more people working from home, niche shops that offer something different to supermarket/amazon will have a viable business. I hope that business rates get replaced by an internet tax and you get benefits from running your website from a high-street store-front – so people can see/buy directly…. That way both the local community benefits and the company can cost effectively run a website business…

    Certainly a butchers or a fish shop would be a place I would nip out to during the day… But unless its walking distance (or i feel brave enough to leave my bike locked up outside) – lack of parking would put me off.
    And yes I agree they need to advertise to tell me what special thing they do.

  • @X-T, I used to live on Cliff Terrace and would cut through that little street on my walk to Deptford. I never bought anything from the shop because I am mostly not a meat eater.

  • As a veggie young mum, years ago, I would pop in to buy eggs, chutney and just to say hello to Bill, odd as it sounds. His lovely warm smile over a bloodied apron. Many years ago he and I think his good lady, made tiny little ‘cheddqr cheese pies’ a special order for my 4 year old daughter, for a little birthday party inspired by a dancing mouse. He always laughed and asked if we were still veggie. Often I’d also have to visit the cycle shop next door where they’d pump up kids bike tyres, buggy tyres, without charge. All lovely kind local businesses. I’m so sad were losing this lovely local business. I’m no longer strictly veggie, eat meat on special occasions, so am stocking up a little on the incredible pies. Christmas wont be the same without a Wellbeloveds game pie, but we have the memories ❤️

  • Very sad. I had been buying all my meat from Bill for thirty years. The reason Bill closed down was that he had been running the shop, mostly by himself for 47 years, six days a week, starting at 5:00am each day. I reckon he has well and truly earned his retirement….all good things have to end. Thanks for all the delicious meals Bill.


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